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Threat carried out
(05-02-2019, 02:31 PM)Ralph Wrote: Did I send you message about what happened next?

Ralph did send a message. Naughty baby, got a red bottom now! 

Who else thinks, as Bedwetter has, the local ladies can come and baby sit?

Heart Heart Heart
Yes I do and Karen asked me if I was right about the plastic panties holding in the heat from the naughty girls freshly spanked bottom.Mom laughed and said she was surprised she had an old fashioned hairbrush in her purse.Karen said never go anywhere without it,but if when she needs another spanking I would love to try out his paddle that hangs in the kitchen. Mom said Karen asked you a ?didnt she better answer her. Of course I had to tell her my bottom was much warmer in my pants since my punishment.Karen said little girl you refer your underwear as panties not pants is that clear.?I almost got into trouble again when I shouted I’m not a little girl .Mom said well let’s see now ,Karen has shaved ,spanked ,diapered you and put you in pink panties.I would say that makes you a little girl today .Tell her you’re a girl or we will get the paddle down and see how it works.I went over to her and told her I was a bad little girl and thank you for spanking me and put me in diapers an$ panties.That save me for time time being
Who thinks Ralph will find all his/her underwear gone! Well you're in diapers now little girlie!

The paddle threat will keep you in line. That bottom will be very hot if Auntie Karen or Mommy have you bent over!

I think Auntie Karen may bring friends over tomorrow, wouldn't that be fun.  Wink 

Now suckle on your bottle and stay quiet whilst ladies talk.

Heart Heart Heart
Oh I never thought about their friends,Karen knowing how I’m disciplined is bad enough.

Mom has to go grocery store and Karen is at work She’s on phone ☎️ asking her friends to co e stay with m3 for 2 hrs .I told her I don’t need that.I thought I was ok since all her friends wer3 busy or working,but one called back said she had 23 year old daughter home from college for a break and isent her I’m beyond embarrassed now. Mom had her in my bedroom showing her extra diaper supplies and she is blusmor3 than me .Her instructions are to check diaper ,change if necessary and make sure I behave.The young lady said I see that paddle on the wall is that for what I think it’s for .Mom just laughed and said yes. she said no problem she babysat her younger brother and knows how to spank . All I can say is wow ,she grinned and said I sure we’ll get along and I won’t have to spank you .
She said well how does If feel to be a freshly spanked naughty girl and babysat my a college girl.Ill bet it’s really embarrassing isn’t it.I glared at her and said I’m not a girl.She come ove4 to me and said that’s funny you’re diapered and wearing pink plastic panties aren’t you.well she said technically you’re not a girl as Im going to find out in a minute because your Mom wants me to check for wetting and I’m supposed to put some soothing lotion on your bottom. I flipped out and said Mom can do that .
She said that’s what she hired me for and took my arm and pulled me close to her and put her ha d in front off my diaper.She giggled and said well you’re dry that’s good and I can definitely feel you’re not a girl .Now lay down on the mat so I can put your lotion on .I said no and she looked over at the paddle on the wall and said well it looks like I’m going to get my first chance at having a big girl over my knee.I spank my brother but he’s only 10 It’ll be much more fun spanking you. I sighed and said ok and laid on the mat. She pulled my panties and diaper off and said now roll over. oh my seems Karen is a very effective spanker,still pretty red.She put the lotion on and rubbed it in and said stay turned over.I said why.For your insolence I going to give you a hand spanking to remind you who is it charge .I started to get up and she pointed to the paddle ,well hand spanking or the paddle ,you decide. I said ok hand. 5 min later my bottom was even redder and hotter. She laughed and said now let’s get this bad girls diaper and panties back on .

(05-01-2019, 08:32 PM)Michelle TV Wrote: Just your nappy and plastic pants!  Shy 

Best be on all fours in the lounge then...

Neighbour will be so amazed..

Have you wet yet?

Heart Heart Heart

I can’t  believe the romper picture you sent .Im going to delete It’s so embarrassing
Oh but you'd look so cute!

Ask your sitter before you delete it!

I bet she's on her phone snap chatting her college friends right now!

Hopefully you are being hydrated properly.

Your last message was blank!

Have you even asked her name. You must respect her and call her Miss.

"Miss please can you change me?"  Rolleyes 

Heart Heart Heart
(05-02-2019, 08:40 PM)Michelle TV Wrote: "Miss please can you change me?"  Rolleyes 

Heart Heart Heart

Oh I'm sure that she can, whether she will is another matter, so probably best to ask "Miss, please will you change me?" but you have to be ready to hear her answer, which may of course be "No, you can sit there in your mess for a good while yet!"
Yes must always ask if caught in wet diapers you know what happens
Little baby Ralph has been very quiet.

Mommy and Sunrise Karen must have put mittens on his hands to stop any naughtiness. Especially when their friends come to baby sit.

Poor Ralph only baby rollers to wear and mostly just in diaper and pink plastic pants
Karen is coming over soon and I am supposed to open Amazon packages in front of them.not sure what’s in them.No mittens I hope

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