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Petticoated by Mom
I have been away for a while under Miss Brenda's orders for being disobedient.  Talking back to a Goddess, I have discovered is never a good idea, but I am allowed to be back now.  Without internet and television for a few weeks gave us a lot of opportunity to talk about my upbringing, so she suggested that I continue to talk about it here.  She was curious about my first erection and how that all played out being petticoated and under female control. 

For those of you who have had the opportunity to follow some of my earlier posts,  you know that I was petticoated around age 6-7 by my mother, aunt and Anne Marie the neighbor lady for my horrible behavior.  I also played with Anne-Marie's two daughters and my cousin, Diane as a feminized sissy boy until age 12 or 13 when my first erection reared its ugly head.  Having scared the girls half to death with my first erection in front of them, they ran to my aunt to breathlessly to tell her that my "pee-pee" had gotten bigger and was stuck up!  They played with it for a while trying to figure out what was happening, while I was shocked to find that I found it immensely pleasurable.  Aunt explained what had happened and from that point on, my days of playing with the girls unsupervised by one of the women was over. 

After that, I became much closer to mother and was her constant companion, helping her to bake, cook and do the cleaning etc. etc. all of the womanly duties carried out in the 1960's by women.   One day she decided that I was growing up and needed to dress like a teenage girl versus the little girl look that I had had before.  She bought me nylons to replace the "bobby socks" along with a garter belt,  a new training bra and bikini panties; to replace my character (I think Barbie) panties.   I ran upstairs and put them on, pretty confused how to buckle a bra or properly put on stockings.   When I came down, she laughed at the sight!  My stockings were all twisted and being too long for my legs, bagged; the garter belt was backwards and the training bra was too loose.

She took me up to her bedroom, made me strip and place everything neatly on her bed while she did the same.  Standing there naked with her was a very strange sensation, and you can imagine what happened next.  She got mad and slapped my bottom, which made things worse.  Then some ice was applied and things got back to normal for a while.  Anyway, she demonstrated how everything went on properly especially emphasizing the the garter went on first (she was wearing an open bottom girdle but the lesson remains the same) so that the panty went over top in order to be able to easily use the bathroom.  The stockings were rollled at the top and twisted so the seams were straight along the back of my legs and the garter belt was properly adjusted.   She showed me how to put on the bra to the proper hooks so that it fit properly.  I was so excited that I kept looking at myself in the bedroom mirror feeling proud to be such a pretty young lady.  The only thing that I wished was that I had breasts like mom's to fill a bra properly. A quick make-up lesson followed - something which I never got to do before.

She looked me over and seemed pleased at what she saw.  She smiled and explained that I was a big girl now and that it was time for me to spend all of my time dressed.  I had been seen around the neighborhood and at a church in another town, but she was talking about sending me to school as a girl which terrified the crap out of me.  Mom had made arrangements for me to attend a private school in a nearby town that was noted for its academics and its "modern looking" attitude.  I argued with her a bit, but it wasn't one an obedient sissy was going to win.  Then I understood why she was so concerned about me learning proper dressing methods and makeup,  Now I had to pass and be accepted.

The pictures represent as close as I can find what we were wearing that day.

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What a wonderful experience that i, for one might wish for in fantasy, but you experienced in reality and despite some embarrassment, it sounds like such a supportive environment.

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