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Six Monthly Relief
Six months ago my wife(now Mistress) having discovered my Internet sissy story history finally decided to make my fantasies a reality. I wasn't aware of her plan when she suggested a bondage game and said she wanted my tied and helpless so she could tease me. We'd played like this before so of course I enthusiasticly agreed anticipating a long slow hand job resulting in the most incredible ORGASM. 
Twenty minutes later I was tied to the bed unable to move when the bombshell landed.
"Sweetheart I think we need to have a little talk" she said "I've seen you Web history and it appears you desire nothing more than to serve a dominant lady as a sissy in chastity" " well the good news is...that makes me really hot but the bad news is it's going to be 24/7/365 and you're going to be a able to wank about it anymore" " Look what I've got for you" She laid on my chest a tiny stainless steel chastity. The tube was barely an inch long. " No more erection to distract you from your chores sweetheart just unrelenting servile work to keep your Mistress happy from now on. Just like you've fantised about."" But if you are very very well behaved in six months you'll get to put your little pee pee, oops sorry your tiny sissy clit, in a lady's princess and have your twice yearly pleasure time". "Gosh I bet you can't wait and better yet I'll invite all my girl friends around to watch you" "Imagine sissy all those strong independent woman there to supervise your release that's got to be pure sissy heaven". " Oh there will be a big big surprise too but that can wait until the day"!
She got an ice pack from the freezer and once my sissy clitty was as tiny as possible fitted me into my chastity. "There you go sissy safe and sound in your new home where it will stay forever aside from your six monthly treat". " Gosh the thought of you being unable even to erect makes me wet, every night when you orally pleasure me I'm going to get an extra thrill knowing that you can't even get hard anymore. I guess you'll need lots and lots of panty liners to soak up all those drippy emissions. Like a real girl with permantly hot panties just without any of the fun stuff". 

So reality hit home as she untied me and opened the wardrobe. Obviously she'd been planing this for a while as now my wardrobe was full of frilly girlie clothes and nothing remained of my normal clothes. " You're on a three stages day from now on. From 8am until 2pm you'll be dressed in whichever maids outfit I decide for the day.  You'll clean and do menial tasks for six hours until it's time for lessons. From 2pm until 7pm you'll dress as a school girl and write lines.  One thousand everyday saying exactly this:

  "I'm a sissy girl now and forever and I'll be locked up permanently except for one hour every six months. I love being a sissy girl and I'm very lucky to have such a considerate Mistress to ensure my unending Permanent enslavement".

At 7pm it's baby time until morning. Babies need lots of sleep so 13 hours a day should be perfect. Diapers, plastic pants, baby dress, Bib, bonnet and your dummy tightly tied in place after you've had your daily dinner which will always be a bowl of rusks and milk followed by a lovely tin of dog food all washed down with lots of bottles of sickeningly sweetened formula. You won't be keeping that inside all night so my lovely lucky baby will get to do messies. 
8pm cot time, to be safe baby will have her legs and arms strapped to the bed at top and bottom and then to ensure she stays snuggly warm  be covered lovingly in two thick rubber sheets and three big thick warm quilts and finally a thick woolen blanket. Baby shouldn't get cold with all that protection. Then lights out and mp3 player turned on. Lovely nursery rhymes to help my precious go bye byes. Oh by the way baby if Mommy isn't pleased with your behaviour then instead of talcum powder youll be dusted with mustard powder.  It's a sissy teaching thing after a few nights of mustard talc in wet diapers I think you'll always try to be on your very very best behavior. You'll become the perfect maid, school girl and baby that Mommy wants.

OMG be careful what you wish for; it would be six months today since I began my new lifestyle and I regretted every moment of it. Cold Porridge for breakfast and then nothing until my horrible baby evening feed. Even now every spoonful of dog food made me want to retch. Every morning I'd wake in a poo filled diaper ready to start another day of meniel work and endless school girl lines. Every day I faced 12 hours strapped in my cot drenched in sweat unable to move. At least once a week Mommy found some reason to mustard powder talc me so i would suffer additional night time torment.

But finally it was six months and now I'd be released from my chastity and allowed the pleasure of entering a lady's princess.  It was all I could think about. My sissy clitty kept trying to erect all day causing me enormous discomfort. I couldn't wait to feel my beautiful mistress's hot warm pussy enclosing my long denied manhood. I remember how warm hot and moist it was. How I adored spending in her wonderful warmth. Id been denied for six months my mistress ensuring I took no pleasure from my sissy situation...her motto SISSIES SUFFER FULL STOP... but now I was so close. All my suppressed male desires came thundering back. If I was only able to enjoy one hour of maleness every six months I was determined to get every last second of pleasure I could. 

7pm arm aching I finished my thousandth line  and presented my work to mistress. As always she glanced at them before tearing them up and throwing them in the bin. All that effort for nought. "Okay sissy" she said " time to get you ready for you special night of pleasure, follow me it's time to dress you in you're finally having Sex outfit. The girls are going to love this" she giggled. 

I followed mistress to her bedroom where she told me to remove my school uniform. Soon I was naked aside from my tiny chastity. She took a box from her wardrobe and proceeded to open it. " Look sissy" she said "this is your six monthly pleasure outfit". Inside was the ultimate hookers costume. Tiny black pvc mini skirt half cup bra, 44 inch triple D silicone breast forms, split crotch red satin panties and siquined crop top plus 7 inch platform knee boots.  Mistress dressed me then said " make up time" she plastered my face in cheap makeup including huge false eyelashes dosed me in cheap perfume and glued four inch scalet nails in place. "Gosh what women could resist such a preety sissy" she said before finally adding a hugh platinum blonde Wig to finish off my total hookers look. "Wow I can't imagine any girl who wouldn't want to have a playtime with you; such a filthy looking slut  just screams for it" said Mistress. Still trying to erect in my chastity Mistress took my hand and said "let's join the girls they can wait to watch you perform". 

Oh Lord, I thought, finally released and in a princess. Even the idea that all my wife's friends would be there didn't distract me. Unlocked and in a warm pussy was all that went through my head. We entered the lounge where there were now ten of my wife's closest friends (she'd left the door unlocked and they arrived whilst I was being dressed). My mistress presented me to my audience and told me that before my girlfriend arrived I must greet them all properly. My mistress had obviously told them that I had a smoking fetish as each was smoking or vaping and blowing their exhilations into my face. I had to courtesy to each one in turn. If they weren't happy with my courtesy I had to repeat it over and over until they were (Mary made me do fifty before she was happy). 

"Okay time for the main event" said mistress "let's get your girlfriend". Oh finally I was straining so hard in my chastity that the pain was excruciating. " She's in the next room and has been eagerly awaiting you attention all night long". Mistress went into the dining room and 30 seconds later returned with an inflatable doll dressed exactly like me! " Look sissy it's your twin and she's here for her twice yearly visit. Mistress placed Miss Dolly, as I was told to call her, spread eagled on the floor and told me to get on with it. " Oh you have to do all the foreplay first obviously" she said but I'm sure Miss Dolly will love all that licking and kissing"

Shocked by the turn of events I was a nb puppet and soon found myself kissing Miss Dolly driving my tounge deep into her mouth. Then I sucked on her plastic nipples for twenty minutes before finally putting my lips on her latex vagina and licking for almost a half hour.

"Good sissy" said mistress " time for your treat". My chastity was unlocked and mistress stimulated me to a full erection. I put my birth defect in Miss Dolly's vagina and began to pump away. I was so over stimulated that 40 seconds later I came in torrents and filled up her cold dry vagina with six months of frustration.

"Oh what a good sissy all over in no time at all, we are so pleased you didn't linger longer. Now obviously Miss Dolly needs cleaning so get licking that lovely sweet vagina clean and just be happy that you'll get this privilege every six months for the rest of your life"!
Great story

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