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A Permanent Recording in the Safe
A Permanent Record
‘Kept in the Safe’
For a long time during our courtship Ian had told me that before our wedding he had something to ‘confess’ to me but that he was scared to do so for fear of losing me once his ‘secret’ was known to me.
Naturally I was intrigued and slightly anxious about this. My first thoughts were that he was Gay however our incredible sex life allowed me to dismiss this fairly quickly. I then questioned his being single and began to wonder whether he had another wife ‘stashed away’ somewhere but given the nights we had stayed away in various places and the holidays we had taken abroad this seemed unlikely.
Being a cautious ‘girl’ I decided to purchase a recording device and I placed this in my bag so that if Ian decided to ‘confess’ I would have a permanent record to ‘use’ should it become necessary.
It finally happened one Friday evening during one of our stays at a favourite country hotel we often frequented. After a beautiful dinner and a fair amount of wine we moved to the garden terrace which overlooked the River Thames. We sat there with our glasses of wine but as Ian began his confession I realised I had left my bag up in our room so I quickly made an excuse and collected it from the room and switching it on I placed the recording device in my clutch bag. I returned to the table and placed my small bag on the table between us so that it would be able to record whatever Ian said clearly.
What happened next completely took me by surprise. As Ian began to ‘open up’ I found it hard not to laugh or at least show some amusement at what he told me that evening and yet I did find it somewhat intriguing and dare I say ‘exciting.’
The purchase of more wine allowed Ian to continue his confession and as the time went on I recognised the possibilities that his ‘particular confession’ presented me with. 
Most of that night was spent listening to Ian confessing his most intimate thoughts and desires before finally returning to our room and enjoying the most amazing sex!
It was at breakfast, the next morning, that I decided to make my first move. Based around what Ian had confessed to me the night before. I informed him that I had a recording of his ‘confession’ and that the only way to avoid ‘publication’ of its content was to ‘do as he is told’ in future! His look of astonishment at this revelation was just adorable!
Breakfast was a buffet style occasion and whereby everyone helped themselves and then returned to their table with their plates. Ian and I did exactly that but once we had returned to our table I immediately began to cut his food up for him and as I did I whispered to him
“All Babies have their food cut up for them Darling don’t they?”
It was while I was cutting his food up for him, despite his discomfort watching me do this, that a waitress came over to the table and asked whether we wanted Tea or Coffee. I ordered coffee for myself but asked if I could have a glass of warm milk for ‘him!’
I then removed the cutlery from Ian’s place and gave them to the waitress whilst reminding him, infront of the waitress, that 
“Babies aren’t old enough to use knives and forks Darling”
That weekend away was to prove the beginning of Ian’s new life as MY BABY BOY.

It has now been two years since that weekend we spent away and Ian is now constantly kept in  diapers and our life as husband and wife has become one of Baby and Mommy. 
To see ‘my Little Boy’ waddling around the place with such a big Botty knowing that he is no longer able to walk properly, like a Grown Up, because of the thick padding between his little legs is an absolute delight for me and my closest friends. It is such an amusing sight for us all.  Knowing that his tiny ‘bits and pieces’ are helplessly ‘imprisoned’ in his padded plastic panties gives one an amazing sense of authority and power. 
As the pressure in his tiny Pee Pee increases due to the considerable ‘intake’ of juice he is forced to ‘find a Grown Up’ and plea, politely, to be permitted a Pottytime only to have this desperate request denied and subsequently suffer the humiliation of wetting his diaper once again.  
Now everyday starts with the Nursery being unlocked, his cot straps undone, and he is made to stand infront of me and ‘Make Wee Wee’ into his wet night diaper so that we don’t have any ‘sprinkling’ when put on the Potty. Once done the soaking diaper is placed in the diaper pail and he is taken to the Potty. 
Although ‘going Potty’ is a privilege for Ian it is so important that this is an extremely humiliating one for him  during which he is not permitted any privacy or modesty and it is always strictly supervised by a Grown Up adding to his shame and embarassment.
Seated on the Potty he has to remain there, in full view, with the door open and his hands on his head, making his Boo Boos while I get ready for the day. 
Baby is forbidden to get off the Potty until he has completed this ‘task’ to my satisfaction.
Once I am satisfied with his ‘potty performance’ he is taken downstairs, still naked, and made to sit at the kitchen table. His plastic bib is put on him to prevent dribbles down the front and the bowl of dry WEEtabix is placed infront of him.
I then take a bottle of ‘Special Juice’ from the fridge and pour it all over the dry cereal mashing it up into a sloppy mixture.
He then has a short time to feed himself using his fingers to scoop up the mess. 
Sitting there naked, after his Pottytime, is something Baby is forced to experience everyday and often Nana or my daughter arrives while he is trying feed himself. 

Every bottle he is fed contains a certain amount of diuretics and laxatives which ensure Baby’s Diaper is continually ‘wet’ or messy throughout the day. Although this is the normal condition of his diaper he has no choice but to remain in his ‘nasty’ panties for long periods as diaper changes are restricted to a minimum number during the day. 
He no longer uses those patronising terms such as Sweetheart, Dear, Darling or Poppet. Instead he refers to me as Mommy and is forbidden to use any other term no matter where we are or whether any other Grown Ups are present. 
He is continually made aware that any failure to ‘please’ or ‘obey’ Mommy will result in the recording of his ‘confession’ being released to my friends immediately!  However, unknown to Ian, my mother has already had the pleasure of hearing the full recording!! 
Ian no longer sleeps with me as the spare room has now become a fully functioning Nursery where Ian spends his time when not required to perform Personal or Domestic Duties. Being invited to spend time in Mommy’s Bedroom is a ‘special treat’ which can only be earned by good behaviour and obedience.
Sleeping ‘away’ from Mommy was a difficult hurdle for Ian to come to terms with.The reassurance that Mommy was only next door in the ‘Big Bed’ only seemed to increase his anxiety especially when Mommy has guests ‘stay over!’ 
I do make ‘use’ of his oral training most days and the simple threat of confiscating his Potty for extended periods ‘encourages’ him to perform properly for me in this regard. Desperate to avoid this ‘penalty’ and the subsequent ‘shame and discomfort’ Ian works feverishly to ‘make Mummy happy!’
 The benefits of my new life far outweigh the demands of ‘caring and controlling’ my Baby. The daily drudge of household chores is no longer my concern as Baby is responsible for each and every one. 
When Baby is not in the Playpen playing with his Teddy’s and Dollies he is waddling around the house scrubbing floors and toilets, washing up, vacuuming, dusting, performing laundry chores or ‘fetching and carrying’ for me.
Modesty and Privacy are two Adult Privileges which Ian no longer enjoys. His diapers must always be clearly ‘on view’ at all times as he is strictly forbidden to ‘hide or disguise’ the fact that he is now permanently diapered. 
Knowing that his thick diapers and plastic panties are constantly exposed in this ‘humiliating’ way provides not only my closest friends with considerable amusement but it also ensures daily moments of extreme shame for him such as answering the door to the Post Lady or any delivery men. 
The regular order of diapers to the house every month means that Baby has to sign for them while enduring the embarassment of standing there infront of whoever is delivering his Baby Supplies dressed in his little T shirt, diapers and plastic panties. 
I do a lot of shopping on Amazon so Baby is often required to take delivery of packages an exercise which he finds absolutely terrifying!
When Baby was first introduced to my mother she was filled with disgust however my mother quickly recognised the benefits of my new life and she now enjoys Babysitting him as it gives her a chance to exercise her dominant sexuality and her complete control over him.
She has taken the Role of Babysitter to heart and whenever I go out with girlfriends or any of my male ‘admirers’ she readily accepts the chance to ‘take care’ of Baby!
Ian, on the other hand, is not so enthusiastic about being placed in Nana’s care!!!
Although Ian now spends much of the day and night in wet diapers Nana does supervise his  ONE Pottytime first thing in the morning. He knows that this is his only chance to ‘make Boo Boos’ and he is not permitted to get off the Potty until Nana is sure his little ‘Rosebud’ is empty.
Unfortunately, due to the strict ‘no solid’ diet Ian is on he is unable to avoid having the occasional ‘accident’ in his diapers during the day and when this does happen Ian is confined to the Nursery where he has to sit in his ‘mess’ writing out copious Punishment Lines and letters of apology ‘to Mommy’ or ‘to Nana’ until bedtime. 
Some may think that having a husband constantly diapered is a pain but I can assure you it is nothing of the sort. Those wasteful ‘potty breaks’ are a thing of the past and Baby’s chores and duties are no longer interrupted and so much more can be achieved without those ‘tiresome’ Potty Training sessions.
His previous ‘disgusting’ habit of masturbating whenever the urge overtook him is also a thing of the past. The extra thick padding, especially at the front of his diapers, prevents him from acquiring any kind of sensation from disobedient hands. Only Mommy gets to ‘play’ with Baby’s Little Pee Pee and like everything else this ‘treat’ needs to be earned and is strictly controlled.
Ian’s hands, when not employed doing his chores, are constantly occupied holding his Dolly or Teddy! Should he try to avoid the ‘humiliation’ of carrying Dolly around with him a simple strap attached to his wrist and ‘Rosie’ ensures he always has Dolly with him wherever he goes! 
His inability to ‘walk properly’ due to the thick padding means that, when he is permitted to walk, he can only ‘waddle’ as this reduces the discomfort caused to his ‘little bits and pieces’ by the pressure of the extra padding! Of course when crawling he cannot prevent his padded Botty from providing everyone with the most amusing sight!

His vulnerability is key to the success of his Regressional Training and the frequent diaper checks and punishments which he has to submit to frequently causes Ian the most intense shame as these are often carried out in the presence of visiting adults.  
Of course every ‘treat’ has a sting in the tail and ‘spurting’ his Baby Juice all over Mommy’s hand is no different. Any sticky mess is collected and immediately ‘recycled’ as protein drinks, such as this, must never be wasted!  
When my closest friends come over for coffee Baby is either performing some household chore or he is placed in the Playpen with his colouring book along with his Dollies and he is required to ‘colour in’ a pretty picture to present to each one of my guests on her departure. Sitting there, in plain view of everyone, he looks so adorable and so vulnerable as he endures this humiliating experience infront of visitors. 
Forbidden to speak to Grown Ups he must sit there in silence, denied any dignity, and accept the fact that, in all our eyes, he is no longer an adult.
It has been nearly two years since Ian experienced ‘sex’ with me and although he still harbours fantasies about participating in such behaviour. 
Baby knows only too well that his ‘Tiny Little Pee Pee’ will never again be permitted to visit Mommy’s  ‘Princess’ as it has only one purpose in life now and that is to go ‘Wee Wee’ in his diapers.
 Once a month his Baby Juice is forcibly ‘extracted’ under Nana’s supervision but the process is not enjoyable for Baby as it involves him being forcibly ‘bent over’ the changing table and submitting to an ‘internal’ examination during which he is painfully ‘forced’ to leak his ‘Dirty Juice!’ This ‘juice’ is extracted purely for health reasons and not for Baby’s pleasure or satisfaction!!
My friends all know that my Baby is forbidden any kind of Grown Up ‘sexual activity’ consequently they enjoy reminding him of those pleasures by standing over him in the playpen wearing short skirts and silky stockings ‘teasing and tormenting’ him and reminding Baby to keep his eyes firmly on his colouring book. Any attempt to raise his eyes in a desperate effort to look at their silky legs or worse ‘up their skirts’ results in an entry in the Punishment Book and the severity of the consequences are decided by those Grown Ups he has offended!  
Ian’s Mummy   
How lucky is Ian!
Happy New Year

Trust your baby will be in his cot nice and early on New Year's Eve.... leaving the celebrations to the adults...

Happy New Year

Trust your baby will be in his cot nice and early on New Year's Eve.... leaving the celebrations to the adults...

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