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I Still Feel Her Power
Several years ago,  a very dear female friend of Miss Brenda and myself passed away.  She was a strong woman who taught my mistress a lot about how to break, handle and sissify males.  As we were cleaning out her house,  I found her lingerie drawer and inside was a note to me leaving me her Delta Burke lingerie - those that would fit anyway as she was a larger lady.   Tears came to my face as I gently pulled them from the drawer remembering how she wore these items, many of which were in training sessions with us.  I gratefully pulled out those that would fit me and took them home.   I couldn't wait to put them on, and Miss Brenda loved the idea that I would be wearing the bras/panties of a powerful woman. 

I am sitting here right now wearing her purple silk bra and lacey panty feeling humbled that she thought of me.  I can't help but feel her power over me still as I sit here in them.  There is something of her still left such that I wear them with pride knowing that she had worn them before me.  It is hard to put into words, but there is something more meaningful wearing bra/panty that a woman had worn versus buying them new in a store.  Can anyone else understand what I am trying to say?
Awesome story, and can certainly relate to the feeling of wearing clothing that has been worn by Genetic Women, adding to the exhilaration of the experience.

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