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Wearing mother's and sister's clothes
Some of my oldest memories were about wanting to wear my mother's clothes. I even remember taking some of her underwear in the bathroom and taking photos of me wearing it. I even wore some of the old dresses she had in her closet. Sadly neither my mom or sister had many dresses or skirts, to my disappointment. No one made me wear them, I was just obsessed on my own. So what type of sissy are you? Were you made this way or were you born into it?
That's a very interesting question, Robyn. In my experience a lot of sissies start by trying on their mother's, or their sister's, underwear and then other items of clothing.

It wasn't quite like that for me. My first experience was being made to ask my little sister if I could borrow a pair of her knickers to put on for a spanking when I was six.
I started dressing in my moms silky lingerie. It just felt right to me. I began the practice when I was around 8 years old. Spent many a weekend in the basement dressing in her lingerie. Her long silky nightgowns did me in. I think I was born into sissy hood.
When I was about 12 I used to 'borrow' my older sisters knickers and teddies, I'm pretty sure it didn't go unnoticed as I kinda leaked in them (blush)
My mother had some lovely things and g-strings let alone a lot of other lingerie that I used to wear. She used to play tennis and had a lot of tennis outfits that I just loved to wear. Used to wear all the lingerie she had until I was old enough to drive and get my own. After that I was unstoppable
Andrea, Saz, inhershoes - did you ever get caught? What did you say, or what would you have said?
I was very careful to not get caught. My parents would have been very angry at me. I just felt so good being caressed by her lingerie.
I was never actually caught but there is now way my 'little' messes would have gone unnoticed despite my attempts to clean them, (blush).
Never got caught, it was hard to cover my messes at times but have a feeling she knew but never said anything to me.
How old were you inhershoes when you played in mommies things? I was around 8 through 16 playing in my mommies silky things.

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