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21st Century Sissy
[Image: 2644a4a518e81073b6508d7d67af7b08.jpg][Image: da6954eba9135d9265be669bf0fc0455.jpg][Image: bbc3ba1a78e2f03c570b3afccfae13cc.jpg][Image: 0b708f0b61f18fe191956b272681f765.jpg][Image: 05a5d2bb9e02b5147b3f7d3a114cbf21.jpg][Image: c639c547648d5909849507b69e6fb200.jpg][Image: 556baafce82ae301770e7778a1ec0344.jpg][Image: d4a816797fc9728952fd8cb9631f7cba.jpg]

Absolutely love all these guys, such cute dresses.

Any male who wears something like this (I'm one, with pic's to prove it, lol) automatically surrenders any sense of fake authority that he may have been pretending to have. I mean can you imagine any girl listening to someone dressed up like this with his frillies on show, lol.

Girls clothes are for girls, as males are in no way equals then this is exactly what they should be put into  Big Grin
[Image: c5496ef5b32119c9ab71837e17a9ac3c.jpg][Image: 37043606e5316410e4f7dc22485b5747.jpg][Image: a02652d207c264c31feeb043e58b04dc.jpg][Image: 9d5d00dd9ea35cc8400ab82fe863ed84.jpg][Image: 35139e1fa1710a11a9fd7a7251ca2e5d.jpg]
Absolutely . . . . . but hopefully prevented from despoiling those wonderful outfits by being securely restrained within stainless steel panties from the Isambard Kingdom Brunel lingerie range.
Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.

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