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Teenage Brat Becomes Step Mommy's 8 Year Old Princess: Part 1. Return To Babyhood.
I knew I was in real trouble the moment my Step Mother stormed into the house raging. “I know it was you you little shit. I know it was you who keyed my new car. Do you have any idea what it’s going to cost to get the damage repaired”.  “That’s it for you little brat I’ve put up with enough and you are about to discover that you life is about to change forever”! Before I tell you what happened next I think a bit of background would be in order. My name is Rick and I’m currently 11 years old. When I was 7 my mother was killed in a car accident and I never really got over it and I went off the rails. Up until then I had been a kind and caring considerate little boy but her death affected me deeply and I started acting out. Shoplifting, random acts of vandalism being disrespectful to my Dad and other adults and that sort of general antisocial behavior. Dad was very patient, I think he knew my behavior was a reaction to the loss of Mum, but finally he became exasperated and could barely stand being in the same room as me. This of course only served to make my behavior even worse. I started bullying kids in school and getting into fights. It seem like the pain of a punch in the face or inflicting pain by punching someone in the face took away, momentarily, the deep hurt I still felt over the loss of my Mum. Unbeknown to me during this time Dad had struck up a friendship at work with a younger very attractive lady and this relationship blossomed. He had been sensible enough to keep her away from me not wanting my behavior to frighten her away. Anyway the first I knew of their relationship was when Dad told me he had met a lovely lady , that they were deeply in love and that the intended to marry. As you can imagine I went ballistic and vowed that I would hate this woman who sort to replace my mum and make her life a living hell. Despite the fact that from the moment we met I was nothing but hostile toward her she did all she could to win me over and become my friend. To not avail I continued to act out and gradually I could she her patience was wearing thin. I think at the back of my mind I thought if I make her life hell maybe she’ll leave Dad and at least I’d have him all to myself again. Perhaps I might stop acting like such a little shit and get close to him the way we were before we lost Mum.
  • About six months after the wedding Dad came home from work, he’s a geologist who works in the oil industry, and announced he had just received a six month posting to Saudi Arabia to investigate the possibility of new undiscovered oil reserves there. He explained that he would be spending most of his time out in the desert sleeping under canvas and that for that reason it was not practical for neither nasty wife nor me to accompany him on this trip. He said that he was going to get a huge bonus at the end of his stay and that if he discover new reserves he would receive a small percentage of the revenues. We would be millionaires and set for life so this was not an opportunity he could pass on. Anyway, he said, this would be a chance for me and Chris to get to know each other better and perhaps work out our differences. Yeah some chance of that happening, I thought, with Dad away this would be the perfect opportunity to drive a wedge between them. With any luck by the time he got back the bitch would be long gone. A few days after Dad had left for Saudi I began to sense a change in her attitude toward me. Until now she’s always been very conciliatory, afraid of upsetting Dad I suspect, and had generally shrugged off my bad behavior with a Boys will be Boys kind of attitude. This was changing she was becoming far less consilutory and far less patient with me. When I acted out you could begin to see the anger burning in her eyes. Oh my God if only I’d read the signs I wouldn’t be in the position I find myself in today. But no I was the alpha male I knew best and women are dumb anyway… or so I thought!
She was right I had keyed her brand new car but I also knew there was no way she could prove it. Unfortunately we weren’t in a court of law so proof didn’t count. She knew I’d done it and finally her head said Enough is Enough. Nothing was said for a few days but one morning she approached me and said “ Rick why don’t we make one last attempt at patching up our differences” she said “look via work I’ve received some free passes for Disney World and best of all they are fast track passes so no queuing. So how do you fancy a day out with me riding on all those incredible rides”, she said

Well I may have hated her and I was sure that wasn’t going to change but my Dad hadn’t raised a chump and I certainly wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity like that. “OK I said that sounds like fun and yes maybe time together is exactly what we need” I lied. Finally the day arrived and I couldn’t believe quite how excited I was. For once even the weight of Mum’s death seemed to have been lifted from my shoulders and I even felt the tiniest twinge of affection toward Christina for sharing this fantastic experience with me after all the horrible things I’d done to her … but this soon passed.

We wanted to pack in everything we could so on the day we were up bright and early and in the car and on our way. “Oh Rick” said Christina “ I need to make a quick stop along the way. I've got four tickets so I'm picking up my sister and her daughter who will be coming with us”. Well the thought of spending the day with three stupid women didn’t fill me with joy but I thought once i've got my hands on my pass I can ditch them and just do my own thing. They’d probably be too scared to go on the real top rides anyway and who wants to sit next to some hysterical screaming bitch anyway. After about a half hour we arrived at her sister’s place. It was a biggish house set far back from the road. I was was in suburbia but still gave the impression that it was some isolated old manion deep in the countryside. “Wait here for me” said Christina I shan't be a moment “” and with that she got out of the car and walked to the front letting herself in and leaving me alone with just my thoughts about what order I was going to ride the rides in. After about five minutes she appeared at the door and waved for me to come inside. Not knowing what was going on I got out of the car and walked to her. “These been a little hiccup” she said “ we’re going to be here for a little while so I couldn’t leave you outside in that hot car”. “Come on in and have a nice cold glass of lemonade while we sort this matter out “ it shouldn’t take very long” she said” “ and then we can be on our way. Again sorry for this little hold up I know how excited you are to get there”

I stepped through the door little suspecting that my life was about to change forever. I followed Christina to the kitchen where she poured me a lemonade and said “now you relax and enjoy your drink you’ll soon be where you deserve to be” I was slightly puzzled by her strange choice of words but paid it little heed. I stepped out through the kitchen door and emerged on a decking patio festooned with all kinds of comfy looking chairs. I plonked  myself down in one and took a few sips of lemonade. That was the last thing I remember until I woke up to find myself lying on a bed in a strange room I didn’t recognise. I tried to get off the bed but soon realised that I appeared to be restrained. My wrists and ankles were secured by the kind of cuffs you see them use in hospital to restrain violent patients or criminals. “Hey what the fuck is going on” I shouted “somebody get me off this damned bed and undo these things”! I heard footsteps out in the hall and a moment later the door opened and a woman I had never seen before entered the room. She bore an unmistakably resemblance to Christina and I presumed this was the sister she said we were collecting. “ I’;m Christina's Aunt she said “ Christina and her sister and her niece have left and are now on their way to Disney World, oh and by the way, just so you know, there were only three tickets anyway. You were never going to visit Disney World it was just a rouse to get you to allow Christina to bring you here so that I get the chance to work my magics and cure you of your totally unacceptable behavior once and for all”. “You will be staying with me for a while. How long depends on you it depends on whether you are a quick or a slow learner. Rest assured you will learn what I have to teach you and you will leave here a totally changed person but like I say how long that will take is entirely up to you”. “A week, a month a year who can say” everyone learns at their own pace but rest assured you won't leave until you’ve absorbed all my teaching and behave in line with them”. In short you entered my house as a nasty belligerent bratty little alpha male”. “ Rest assured when you leave you will leave as an obedient demure little sissy girl who’s only role in life will be to please and serve  womankind”. You are about to undertake a journey of discovery where you will finally come to realise that you are a pathetic male born with a dreadful birth defect between you legs and that your only purpose in life, from this day forward, is to serve you genetic superiors, In short very woman living today is superior to you and is your female master”. I think I fainted from shock because the next thing I was aware of was the pungent smell of ammonia shooting up my nose and jolting awake.

“Did you enjoy your little nap Sissy, yes Sissy that’s your new name” “If any lady should ever enquire you will reply as follows


You will memorise that form of words exactly and that is the answer and the only answer you will ever give. Rick has gone you will never be Rick again. The sooner you get used to that the easier your conversion will be. It will still involve your suffering a fair degree of pain but nothing like what you will suffer if you wilful resist embracing your new destiny” “ as for my name, when you speak to me , which will be rarely, as sissies only speak when they are spoken too you may address me as either Miss, Mistress or Madam whichever you prefer. As for my name it would never be appropriate for a mere male sissy to speak it so there’s no reason for you to know it is there?” That was a question sissy so you are supposed to respond by either saying Yes Miss or Yes Mistress or Yes Madam oh and by the way the word NO no longer exists in your vocabulary”.

“Anyway I’m getting ahead of myself, let me explain exactly why you are here. My niece has had enough of your bratty ways. She put up with it to keep the peace with her new husband but now that he’s away and you finally crossed a line when you keyed her new car so she decided to bring you to me to be reprogrammed.
I have made it my lifetimes work, as she well knows, to change nasty alpha males into to compliant submissive sissy girls who now exist only to serve their female masters. I normally only work with adult males who through their behavior towards women have proved they deserve to be sissified to make amends for their past transgressions; spending the rest of their lives serving their female betters. I normally draw the line at minors but my niece has convinced me that you are a special case and that if we do not intervene now you will grow up to be exactly like one of the adult males I normally reprogramme. We are going to save you from yourself. Instead of growing up to be a mean and nasty alpha male who destroys anything that gets in his path we are going to turn you into a sweet submissive obedient little sissy girl of 8 and that is how you will remain until your 18th birth when you will return here for further training to become a lifelong sissy maid servant for your eventual permanent female master” “Now I know you are telling yourself this is a nightmare and even if it were true you’d never let anyone change YOU into a sissy”. Well I suppose in some ways it is a nightmare but it’s a wide awake real life nightmare. This is an it’s actually happening to you kind of nightmare and most importantly every alpha male I’ve ever reprogrammed has had that self same thought You wont change me.
FYI little sissy they all thought that, each and everyone, but the fact is I’ve never failed and very one of them now lives their life dressed as a sissy maid (well except for the pets of course) concerned only with providing the very maximum of pleasure for their female masters through their unending servitude and devotion. So you’ve got a lot to think about but know this and know it to the depths of your soul. Your life as a male is over. It ended the moment you walked through my door”.
“Now I’m going to give a shot that will put you to sleep for a little while so that we can begin the process of hypnotic reprogramming. When you come round you will find yourself in the nursery annex where the lovely nurses will power you and diaper you and put you in nice waterproof plastic panties. They will then choose an appropriate baby dress for you which will be all frills and bows and something any little baby girl would adore”. You will then be given a bottle of formula, and there after another every two hours during your stay there. These are very special bottles they contain formula mixed with a laxative to ensure you regressive to proper sissy baby toilet behavior plus a drug of my own devising which will make you very suggestable and eager to please. You will probably spend two weeks there during which time you will be totally regressed into the role of a female baby a sweet baby girl just waiting for her life to begin.
By the time you move up to you next stage of training the first thing they will need to do is potty train you because by then you will be doubly and uncontrollably incontinent”. “ you will also have difficulty remembering your past life and that you were once a boy named Rick It’ll all be a kind of a blur that’s slipping further and further away from you with every passing moment; that’s another nice side effect of the  drug I developed”. “So any questions, I thought not, now it’s time to put you back to sleep so we can get started preparing for your new sissy life. Good bye, forever, Rick I can’t say it was a pleasure knowing you but by the time we’ve finished with you I’m sure the new sissy you will be a pure delight. The last thing I remembered was Mistress  approaching me with a hypodermic syringe in her hand and after that everything went black.

The Nursery

I awoke to the sound of babbling babies and the smell of baby powder urine and fecal matter. A strange and very disorientating way to awaken I’m sure you’ll agree and for a moment I had no idea of where I was. A wonderful and a joyful moment of hope and expectation that seconds later came crashing down as I remembered Mistress telling me that my life as Rick was over and that I was going to be changed into a sweet 8 year old sissy until I reached my maturity. The I would be returned to this hellish place to be fully trained and programmed to take up my new lifelong occupation as a sissy maid serving the superior sex. This must be the nursery where, she claimed I was going to be regressed back to infancy before being brought up, again, as a sweet sissy girl rather than the boy that my genitalia said I was.
Part of me hoped this was some kind of sick joke being played on me by my Step-Mother to make up for all the problems I’d caused her. But as I gradually returned to full consciousness my eyes took in my surrounding and the more I could see the more and more convinced I was that this was no joke.
I was lying on a padded table and around me were about a dozen adult sized cribs and in each one was an adult male (ages ranging from early twenties to late fifties. Each occupant was wearing a very frilly bonnet and had a pacifier strapped in the mouth held in place by a strap that bucked at the back of their necks. Each was wearing an incredibly outlandish and totally impractical baby dress, mittens and booties and in some cases I could see a huge plastic pant covered nappy on display underneath their dress. But the oddest thing of all was that all these grown men were babbling like little babies. It was a scene from a horror movie and I could feel all the hairs on my body stand on end as I took in this grotesquely bizarre sight. Oh my god would that be me in a few days? Would I be in a crib dressed that way babbling like a newborn. The Mistress had mentioned in passing that most new sissies usually spent the first two weeks of their stay in the nursery before moving on to be taught how to grow up to be a property sissy girl of 8 or a sissy maid or whatever else their female master had asked the establishment to do to them. Later in the week one of the nurse/teachers warned me of the consequences of not getting with the program and fully absorbing the role chosen for me. Apparently there were some alpha males who couldn’t make the adjustment necessary to accept their sissy future. But Mistress was right she’s never had a failure. A very strong cocktail of drugs would be administered to these no hopers that effectively destroy their personally and significantly reduced their IQ to somewhere near the vegetable level. They would then be reprogrammed as animals, puppies ponies etc and sold on. Apparently there’s a huge demand in some parts of the world for human animal pets and so, one way or another Mistress’s 100 % record still remains unbroken.

As I lay there taking in my surrounds trying to get a grasp of what I was seeing a large statuesque but attractive lady dressed in a nurse’s uniform approached me. I was, it turned out, lying on a hospital trolley with my hands and feet secured to the side.
So you are  our newest baby are you”, she said “you’re much younger than our normal patients so I imagine you must have been a very very naughty boy to have ended up here at such a tender age”. Don’t worry we don’t discriminate on the basis of age you’ll get exactly the same treatment as all of the rest”. By the time you leave and move on to be trained you’ll be a total sissy babyin every way with little or no recollection of their past life”.
Now then let's get you properly dressed and then you can have your first, of many, bottles of Madam’s special formula”. Guaranteed to turn the greatest Alpha male into a babbling sissy baby before you can say Jack Robinson. “ Soon, very soon, you’ll just like the rest of them, weeing you nappy, soiling your nappy, babbling like a baby desperate for a mummy to take care of you but instead destined to serve your female masters as a well trained completely obedient sissy”. We’re not going that whole route with you, apparently you owner wants you to be frozen at the age of eight where you will remain until you are old enough to undergo the full sissy maid conversion. Your going to be one of the few sissies that ever pays this establishment a second visit”. “ But thats years and years away you've got a whole seven years ahead of you as a sweet little obedient well behaved eight year old sissy. Just think as your former school friends grow up and enter puberty and date girls and go out and party and have fun on their way to adulthood you will spend all those same years as a sweet little eight year old and come your 18th birthday you’ll transition from this into a sissy maid having missed out on all the fun of growing up.
You must have really pissed off the lady who sent you here for her to deprive you of those experiences”. No worry when we’re all done you’ll be scared of big boys and the last thing you’d want to do is party with them”. “ no you’ll only love the things that little eight year old girls like. Dressing up, playing with makeup playing house with your dollies and so on. All little eight year old pastimes which you will do for seven long years”!!!
This woman was obviously a sadist who took great joy from describing my awful fate to me but strapped down on the trolley there was nothing I could do to stop her from getting her jollies as, in loving detail, she described the horrendous future that lay before me.
I should have been shouting and screaming and begging for them to let me go but I just listened without reacting. I suspected that at some point I’d received a strong sedative which was stopping me from becoming hysterical. “Anyway”, said the nurse, “”shall we get you started on your one way journey into frilly sissy girlie childhood?”
Nurse produced a gleaming metal tube like device and beaming with sadistic pleasure she informed me that my “male defect” as she called it was going into this and that in future I’d not be able to have dirty boy thoughts. The metal chastity was under two inches lont and my limp defect was slid inside. A locking mechanism, which looked very much like a handcuff, was attached to the open end of the tube and this was locked tightly around my scrotum and penis ensuring that the device could not be removed without being unlocked. The tube was a closed end tube with a single hole to allow for the passage of urine. Once this was locked in place not only were any attempts of masturbation ( a pastime I’d recently discovered) futile but even trying to obtain an erection was impossible.
I was then advised that my chastity was permant and male masturbtion would be something I would never again experience. It would be removed just once a week week for cleaning. During this time my hands would be secured behind my back and my legs locked into a spreader bar. Any pubic hairs had had grown would be removed with hot wax and prior to insertion if I had displayed unwanted male arousal my defect would be smeared with deep heat cream so that it would burn for hours afterward. This, it was explained to me, should, over the long run, ensure that I associated an aroused defect with pain not pleasure and this association would eventually render me functionally impotent.
As nurse was quick to point out no female master had any use for a sissy’s erection so it’s best, she said, that we train you not have one anymore.Once my chastity had been fitted and nurse had checked that it was properly secure my feet were released from the cuffs whilst another smaller more attractive nurse joined us carrying what looked like a diaper and a pair of waterproof plastic pants. The larger sadistic lady grabbed both my ankles and raised them above my head and the petite nurse then slid the disposable diaper under my raised bottom. She quickly fastened all the tapes and moments later I was encased in my first, but certainly not my last, diaper. The plastic pants were slid over my feet and pulled up my legs until the sat snuggly atop my diaper. My feet were resecured then my hands were realised. I was told to sit up and raise my arms and when I did so the frilliest pink petticoat you could ever imagine was slid down over them and my head and pulled down my body. It was very short and only came down level with my diapers. I was told to keep my arms raised as a frilly pink taffeta baby dress quickly followed. It too was equally short and did not cover my diapers. Finally a matching victorian style pink bonnet was placed on my head and tied tightly under me chin. “Open wide” on reflex I did and an overly large child’s dummy was slid into my mouth. “ except during feeding that dummy remains in place at all times” said the large nurse “if you are caught without it in your mouth there will be serious consequences and I can guarantee you will not enjoy them”!

I was then informed by the larger sadistic nurse that it was morning time (apparently the injection Mistress had given me had put me to sleep for 16 hours) and time for breakfast. I was advised to take careful note of what happened and when as this would be the same routine every day. No deviation each baby’s day was run to a strict timetable and everyday was identical to the previous day. This not only made things very boring it also meant that very quickly the babies lost track of time and couldn’t remember how long they had been undergoing reinfantalisation. My day ran as follows:

6.00am… woken by my nurse (always the same nurse no variation)
6.15am … dirty soiled nappy removed.
6.20am … supervised shower with special attention to ensure that baby’s now permanent chastity tube was clean of any fecal matter to avoid any possibility of infection.
6.25am … Nurse uses harsh bristle bush on bottom to ensure that it’s thoroughly clean and ready for it’s new nappy. This brush makes baby’s bottom very sore and makes it sting for the next hour.
6.30am… Shower over baby stands with hands on head while nurse drys her seemingly paying special attention to sissy’s locked up defect.
6.35 am …. Baby is instructed to climb onto the changing table and lie flat and keep still. Two nurses in attendance. One lifts baby’s legs above her head whilst the other applies creams and lotions to prevent nappy rash before proceeding to fasten baby into a new clean nappy. Feet are then inserted into clean pink plastic panties which are drawn up baby’s legs and fitted snugly over baby’s diaper. Nurse checks that the pants properly cover the diaper and that the is no chance of leakage. She then advises baby that his new toilet is in place and regardless of accidents will remain so until the regular 12 O’Clock diaper change.
6.50am… Fitted with reins baby has to crawl on all fours as nurse leads her to breakfast.
7.00am … Back at crib where there is now a baby’s high chair. Instructed to sit. Arms and legs then strapped to the chair and a vinyl bib is placed around my neck. Nurse, using a tiny plastic baby spoon, then proceeds to feed me a large bowl of excruciatingly sweet porridge followed by a bowl of very sour stewed prunes. This is all washed down with my first bottle of formula of the day. Nurse explains with sadistic enjoyment that the food is laced with both Mistress’s secret sissy conversion drug a diuretic and a laxative. This will ensure that by the time midday diaper change comes around I’ll have been spent some serious morning time sitting in a wet and soiled diaper. This will program me to look forward to having my diaper changed as all good sissies do.
7.45… Breakfast over and dummy back in place I am returned to my crib my hands are encased in thick padded very tight fingerless mittens. These are so tight, in fact, that I can no longer even wiggle my fingers. I am then strapped down with down with so many straps in so many places that I am rendered functionally imobile. A blindfold is placed over my head and a set of headphones over my ears. I can neither see nor hear anything. Finally a plug is placed in each nostril depriving me even of my sense of smell. All my senses having been taken away and within minutes I slip into an initial state of sensory deprivation losing all sense of time and becoming increasingly desperate with each passing moment to experience something, anything any sensation whatsoever. I think I can hear something through the headset. YES I can there’s a voice that's getting louder every second and finally I begin to make out what it’s saying;

You are male
You were born with a defect between your legs
This means you are inferior
All females are your superiors
You will always obey any female
You will carry out any instruction given to you by a female
All women are your female masters
You are fit only to serve your female masters
You are fit only to be a sissy
You must wear the clothing of past female suppression
You must always wear the frilliest of frilly clothing
You love your frilly clothing
You are a little girl aged eight
Little girls like you love their frilly clothing
Little girls like you love to play with dollies
Little girls like you always listen to their Mommies
Mommy knows what’s best for her little precious sissy girl
Mommy is never wrong
Mommy makes all the rules
Good little sissy girls always listen to Mommy
Good little sissy girls always do what Mommy tells the to
You want to be a good little sissy girl
It’s your fondest dream
There’s nothing so pleasurable as being an obedient little sissy girl
Obeying Mommy fills you with happiness
You look forward to obeying Mommy
You would never dream of disobeying Mommy
You know Mommy always knows best.
Over and over it played on a loop .
I had no sense of time or feeling all that existed was the voice in my ears as it sort to reprogram my thoughts and behaviors. It seemed to go on forever.

Finally the voice stops the blindfold, headphones nose plugs and mittens are removed I’m unstrapped and even given a few minutes to regain my composure. I’m unstrapped but now I’m taken from the table put back in my crip; then the top of my crib is pulled into place and I’m left alone locked in what has now become my very own tiny baby prision.
10.00am… Im coming back to reality when suddenly my stomach rumbles and, before I’m even aware of it, my bottom explodes with a mass of foul fecal matter. It feels like it’s never going to stop and  It’s so overwhelming that I’m not even aware that my bladder is also emptying and filling my diaper with urine too. Finally it stops and I’m exhausted and I’ve now wearing a diaper filled with my own filth. A diaper I can’t remove because, I neglected to mention, the plastic pants contain a chain in the waistband and nurse pulled this tight and padlocked it into place when she was changing me earlier.. Filth I can already feel coating my entire bottom and defect. If I sit it’ll be even worse but I can’t spend the next two hours kneeling in my crip. The lid is too low and I have to bend forward very uncomfortably in order to be able to kneel. There is no choice I have to sit and except the disgusting consequences. I sit and can immediately feel the awful mess as it moves around in my diaper. I didn’t believe nurse when she said I’d look forward to the midday change but right now I’ve never looked forward to anything so much in my life as I’m looking forward to that.
!0.15am … I called to the nurse and explained what had happened and if they could change me now. Smiling sadistically the large nurse shock her head and says “rules are rules sweetheart. If we made an exception for you everyone would expect the same. I’m afraid your going to have to remain as you are for the next, she glanced at her watch, 105 long uncomfortable minutes. Maybe this will teach you to learn some self control”. I felt this was very unfair as they had deliberately laced our breakfasts with laxatives and diuretics. How could we possibly learn self control in those circumstances. By now the smell of my soiling had began to permeate it’s way through my diaper and plastics and I soon found myself sat at the centre of a disgusting miasma. It was foul the smell made me want to heave but nurse had strapped my dummy in place before returning me to my crib so if I could not contain myself I’d drown in my own vomit. I imagine that they do this to everyone knowing that they’ll shorty be fouling their nappies.
12.00pm … After what must count as one of the most unpleasant 105 minutes I have ever spent it was finally midday diaper change time. The last 105 minutes had seemed endless and I could hardly believe it was finally over. I saw the large sadistic nurse approaching my crib and my face lit up with joy. I never thought I’d be happy to see this evil cruel woman but I was. I couldn’t wait for her to let out take off my disgusting diaper and clean me up. “OK sugar” she said as she reached my crip “ I’m sure you realise there aren't enough nurses on duty to change everyone’s diaper at the same time so we have a system to work out who gets changed and when. Basically it works on seniority. The longer you’ve been in the nursery the nearer you are to the top of the list unless, of course, you are undergoing a punishment. As the newbie I’m afraid you’ll be going last and unfortunately there’s no one currently under punishment so you can’t even jump ahead of them. I reckon I’ll be back to deal with your little problem in about 45 minutes. Just enough time to shower and change you into your clean diapers ready for lunch at 1.00pm.
OMG no I thought I was about to get out of this horrible mess but now I find I’ve got to suffer a further 45 minutes of torment.
12.45pm… I’m finally in the shower and the sadistic nurse is hosing my bottom down with ice cold water to remove the filth. I’m instructed to turn and ice cold jet is direct straight at my chastity. I didn’t think my defect could get any smaller encased as it was in that tiny chastity but I was wrong as I feel it shrink yet smaller under the cruel icy assault. This is definitely a female master who loves her job a born sadist who loves to use and abuse the former males now in her care.
12.55 … I’m told to hurry up and get dry as nurse only has five minutes to diaper me, replace my plastics and baby outfit before lunch is served precisely at 1 pm. Everything is regimented here and run strictly to an inflexible timetable. Everyday is exactly the same and everything takes place  at exactly the same time as it did yesterday and all the days that came before.  
1.00 … It was a close run thing but I’m back at my crib and strapped in my high chair with just seconds to spare. My bib is once again tied in place and nurse, still using the tiny plastic baby spoon starts to feed me my lunch. The first course consists of two rusk’s soaked and mashed in milk until they are just a mush and covered in endless spoonfuls of sugar. Anyone who’s eaten a rusk knows that they are incredibly sweet and the added sugar just makes this worse. The sweetness is nauseating and I’m sure I can feel my teeth rotting away with every disgusting mouthful. Finally the bowl is clean, because of the tiny spoon it took nurse at least 20 minutes to feed it all to me. The main course goes to the other extreme. Cold sour mashed spinach with a single slice of smoked salami sliced up into tiny baby portions. The spinach tastes as if something extra has been added to enhance it’s sourness. It’s like going from eating a bag of sugar to drinking a bottle nail biting prevention fluid. The contrast is extreme and I’m sure it’s done in order to facilitate bad tummies and ensure that the babies fouled themselves as much as possible. The only plus was the bottle of formula we were given as this was bland and pretty neutral tasting and helped slightly to clear one’s palate. Pudding was the usual stewed prunes some sweet some sour. As I finished my prunes the large nurse to took great pleasure in advising me that just like breakfast all the food had been laced with Mistress secret sissy making drug, laxatives and diuretics.  “ I’d try and hold on for as long as I could If I were you” she said “ because the next diaper change isn’t until bedtime and that’s a good six hours away she giggled”.
2.00 am … I don’t know what the other babies did in the afternoons but because of my age and the fact that I was destiny to live my life as an 8 year old girl a special conditioning program had been devised solely for me. From 2.00 pm until 5.00pm I was strapped down to in a small private viewing room, hardly bigger than a cupboard, with a large screen directly in front of me. Once I was secured the nurse would leave locking the door behind her and moments later the screen would flicker and the movies would start. The same movies day after day after day. Movies of little girls going through the stages of growing up from babies until they reached the age of eight. A recorded voice did a running commentary as the films played saying things like:

Imagine how much fun it will be to learn to use the girl girls toilet.

Oh I’m sure Mommy will get you a dolly just as nice as her’s.

See lots of two year olds still use nappies your not alone in your diaper sweetie

Oh look icecream bet you like some of that too. If you become a good sissy girl I’m sure Mommy will treat every so often

Oh Yuck horrible boys make sure you stay away from them

Girls are good and kind and clever that’s why you want to be a girl

Boys are awful and stare at girls while the play with their defects

You are lucky your defect is locked away so that you never ever play dirty games with it

You are lucky your life will be dedicated to serving your female masters.

Oh look at her lovely hair bet you’d like hair like that.

And so it went on the same phrases repeated at random played over and over again. Even before the end of the first day I could feel my resolve weakening due to the constant conditioning and the effects of Mistresses sissy training drug. How could I possible keep a sense of myself and not succumb to the lures of sissyhood If I had to experience these things everyday for weeks on end. Most sissies only spent a week here sometime occasionally some of the tougher ones spent two. The large sadistic nurse had gleefully told me that I was a special case. I was being condition to grow up until I was 8 and then remain at that age for the next 7 years until my 18th birthday. Unfortunately I had puberty ahead of me and a boys raging hormones had been known, occasionally, to break sissy conditioning. To ensure that didn’t happen to me my Step Mother had decided that I would spend extra time in each of the year models but especially in this one. The sadistic nurse laughed (I’m sure they had deliberately chosen her as my personal nurse hoping that her sadism would help break any will I still had left to resist) as she told I was marked down for a FOUR week stay. “ By the time you leave us your brain will be toast, you’ll be doubly incontinent and in need of toilet retraining and you tiny birth defect won’t work anymore. You’ve such a lot of suffering to look forward sissy and I’m going to be here to enjoy every last moment of that suffering. Of course with all the laxatives in the food I hadn’t been able to hold out and half way through my movies had fouled and filled my diapers again. I’d be in them now until bedtime and if mid day was anything to go by I by I’d be in them for an extended period as I would be the last to be changed. Just sitting in those disgusting garments and smelling that awful smell I could feel my will to resist crumbling and this was just the first day and I’d another four weeks of this ahead of me.
5.00 pm … Play time: Between 5.00 and 7.00 pm the babies are allowed play time although to be fair this is a supervised playtime and if they don’t play the way they are told they could earn a punishment and find themselves at the bottom of the changing list. Having finished my movies I crawled after the large nurse back to my crib. As I crawled behind attached to the rains she held in her hands I could feel my mess squishing and sliding around my bottom. As if things could get any worse my mess had now gone cold and unbelievably that made the sensation even more unpleasant.
5.05pm … We arrived back at my crib and nurse in no uncertain terms told me to get in and then once again pulled up the side and then pulled down the lid confining me once more to my baby prision. In my crib I found two rag dolls that had not been there before. Nurse said “ these are your two new bestest friends ever and from now until supper time I want you to play with them and talk to them as it the were living breath human beings”. “ I want to hear you share your deepest most intimate innermost feeling with them and if I’m not happy with what I hear you’ll get you bottom liberally coated with deep heat cream before I put you in your clean bedtime diaper. If you think fouling is unpleasant now try spend an whole night in a messy nappy with your bottom on fire” “You have been warned”. Oh dear lord I've never been so embarrassed the thought of the deep heat cream being rubbed all over my bottom made me realise that I would have to open up but after a while and without me realising it I was actually telling my two new girl friends my deepest darkest secrets. During this time if I glanced up I could see nurse furious scribbling notes and ideas based on what I was admitting whilst her telephone record my utterances for posterity.

7.00pm … Finally it was time for supper just a poached egg and some buttered bread (oh god I hated poached eggs) but like with all meals we were required to eat up every morsel,
7.30 pm … Finally it was changing time before the babies were put to bed at 8.00 pm. Unfortunately I was right about being last in line and I did not get cleaned and changed into a clean nappy until nearly 8.25.
8.30 … dummy strapped in place and strapped down on my back unable to move and finally covered in a rubber sheet I was put to bed. I was exhausted but being held immobile as I was I found it hard to drift off to sleep. Finally I drifted off until i was woken during the night by another bum explosion as for the third time that day I filled my diaper with filth. I realised there was nothing I could do and that I would remain that way until the morning change. Despite the mess I finally drifted back off to sleep. As I drifted off I remembered nurse telling me about the strict regime and time table that the nursery operated and I realised come morning I would do tomorrow exactly what I had done today at exactly the same times… God help me I had four more weeks of this torment to endure.

Four weeks later;

It was morning and the large sadistic nurse opened the young boy’s crib. Rick as he was once know was babbling incoherently and seemed completely unaware of his surroundings. “ Come on you messy sleepyhead get up its over; once I’ve cleaned you and changed you they will be collecting you and taking you the the three year olds section. Now we’ve broken you they will re-toilet train you and put you back together as a lovely 3 year old toddler who’s so proud that she now wears panties and can use the big girls toilet. You’ll have so much fun working your way towards your 8th birthday. Then when you’re eight and we are sure you really have fully accepted your new identity your step mommy will come and take you home but for now your time in nursery is over. Don’t let us down because otherwise you’ll’ find yourself back here and if there’s a third failure you’re back here and you’ll never leave until we find someone who need a puppy or a pony or whatever. An hour later baby was collected and taken away to 3 year old school… To Be Continued.  
I don't like adult baby theme so I am glad he is grown-up sissy so soon. Wink

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