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Time of the month for my schoolgirl
My wife loves the idea of causing a problem with the bar code so the cashier needs to get a price check.  She can't wait for our next shopping trip. This idea will increase my exposure as a sissy under female control. The line behind me will be longer and everyone's attention brought to the item or items I am purchasing.
(09-15-2016, 06:17 PM)Mrs Marcia Wrote:
(08-28-2016, 03:29 AM)Sissy Renee Wrote: I found the following at sissy social net.
Quote:Days 1-7: This is a girl's menstruation period--No sex and no cum allowed during this week! A typical girl's period is 3-5 days, but can be up to 6, sometimes 7 days. Sissy girl girls in training should assume a full period of at least 7 days to understand what girl's must go through. Sissy girls should wear a tampon or pad in their panties, or both to stem the flow. Sissy girls must buy these themselves of course! Maxipads with wings for heavy flow slathered with facial cream are good. Also, strawberry jam or popcicles can be used. i am not allowed to touch my sissy clitty, nipples or even think about penetration during this critical period!
Day 8-13: This is the week prior to ovulation known as the Follicular phase when a girl's estrogen rises and she has to be very careful not to get pregnant. Just like in a girl's vaginal tract, man sperm can survive in the sissy pussy tract for up to 7 days! So, it is imperative that sissy girls do not have penetrative sex in the week before ovulation! Sissy girls like me get hornier and hornier each day, just like a girl with rising estrogen,  finding themselves applying more makeup, wearing higher heels, dressing sluttier with shorter and shorter skirts, provocative satin and ruffled panties, bras, thigh-highs, corsets, bright red lipstick, nailpolish, and sexy babydolls and teddies! Sissy girls voices will rise in pitch, walking will be more swishy and limp-wristy, and sissy girls will develop an overwhelming craving for gobs of yummy cum and more cum! Sissy girls will be flirty and on the prowl for cock to suck during this period!
Day 14-16: Ovulation happens on day 14 and generally lasts for a couple of days. This is the sexiest time of all for girls and therefore for sissy girls. Estrogen is at a peak and a girl's temperature rises (in heat!). Many studies have shown that during this time girls:
  • Wear more revealing look-at-me-I'm-a-slut clothes
  • Wear tighter girl girl,¬†I'm-a-whore skirts
  • Emit an attractive come-fuck-me scent to men
  • Wear more slutty kiss-me-you fool cosmetics and perfume
  • Flirt in an I-dare-you-to-fuck-me way with more agressive masculine men (men who are symmetrical with angular jaws, protruding brows, and rugged good looks)
  • Touch men more seductively in an I-want-your-cock way, trying to entice them into sex
  • Have strong interest in passionate anything goes juicy nasty talking-dirty sex, hmmmmmm.
  • Engage in slutty fuck-me-I'm-in-heat one-night-stands
Sissy girls especially will be in total uncontrollable heat and must be extremely careful! By this time, sissies will be salivating for juicy cum and climbing-the-walls horny and will find themselves dressing like perfumed-up mini-skirted big-boobed shameless street-walker whores trying to attract men, strangers, anyone, to impregnate them and make yummy cum! But no! Sissy girls may only use their slutty mouths to suck cocks, swallow, and clean up cum (if allowed) and it is important that sissies be in chastity for sure during this time. In fact, to be safe, sissy girls should be in chastity for the entire month, except when and if allowed to cum, to make sure no accidents occur!!
Day 17-end of month: During this 13-14 day period it is possible that a sissy girl be allowed to cum.  At this point the sissy girl may be allowed to cum in only a sissy girly girl way. This may be by rubbing nipples only and squirming in my sissy panties, or perhaps by rubbing my sissy clitty through my panties with one finger, or through penetrative sex with my favorite dildo, but no boy-mode-stroking ever! And, of course, a sissy girl MUST SWALLOW ALL of her sissy girl CUM!
lauren sometimes uses the nipple rubbing method of cumming and my nipples are sensitive enougth so i can cum like a girl by rubbing my nipples alone and writhing and squirming in my pretty pink panties while admiring my silky smooth shaved legs and curling brightly girly pink painted toe nails! My favorite method by far is cum from penetration alone, i love having this girly ability and nothing makes you feel more girly then cumming while gripping a throbbing cock in you sissy pussy. wow...........Wink
The most interesting point to me is that our sissy periods are just part of the big picture of a woman's ovulation cycle, not punishment or discipline but our voluntary devotion to and celebration of the superior sex.

A douche and enema after the menstrual period has ended should be a requirement...

[Image: 24owvua.jpg]
Periods r d Most feminine feelings for sissies
(02-21-2018, 04:18 PM)SheWearsThePants Wrote: My wife loves the idea of causing a problem with the bar code so the cashier needs to get a price check.  She can't wait for our next shopping trip. This idea  will increase my exposure as a sissy under female control. The line behind me will be longer and everyone's attention brought to the item or items I am purchasing.

Has she done this yet?   Maybe there could also be a problem with the size, so a bigger pairs is brought?
Best Wishes
(07-02-2016, 02:20 PM)Gemma Wrote: I have my naughty schoolgirl experience the discomfort of her period in keeping with her life as a 1950s schoolgirl.  She has to wear a thick hessian towel sanitary pad which I soak thoroughly and then coat with something unpleasant for example raw liver, cold boiled cabbage or turnip, beetroot, etc..  She has to wear this 24/7 for ten days each month.  I extended this from 7 days as she complained which I said showed she must suffer heavy periods.  When she is at work she wears a pair of disposable plastic pants so that the damp does not show on her clothes but at home the damp soaking through her pinafore and cardigan are just an extra embarrassment.  I would be interested to hear how others ensure their sissys get the full period experience.

I'm separated from my wife because she thought I'd been adulterous. I hadn't but on line I had been flirty and also said things I thought would boost the others ego (how attractive and sexy they were etc.). However I must have been in the wrong. Do I deserve to become a 1950's school girl too. I never did anything but Ive offended the superior sex so maybe that's all that counts. Perhaps I deserve the same woollen life as Nancy Edwina for not being a better person.
(02-21-2018, 01:31 PM)Patti59 Wrote:
(02-21-2018, 06:00 AM)SissysWife Wrote:
(02-20-2018, 01:32 PM)Patti59 Wrote:
(02-20-2018, 04:28 AM)SissysWife Wrote: Hi sissies and Ladies!
    After a very derogatory remark from my sissy I determined he needed to experience the curse.  I started him by making him go out and buy all of the supplies needed for his first period.  I dressed him in sissy boi mode and then required him to ask for help from clerks while buying each item.  His basket had tampons, pads, midol, summers eve douche and FDS.  Before he got to check out I took my keys to the bar code on each item so he also had to endure the embarrassing "price check" announced over intercom.
      He is a changed and very enlightened sissy now and has newfound respect for femininity and menstruation.  I do have him buy all my supplies still..  I highly recommend all you ladies have your darlings share your experience as well...........

You are such a great example of how a woman needs to take control of her man.  Encouraging male femininity, and sissiness is a delight to see.  Just curious....what kind of outfit did you send him out in?  Did it absolutely show that he was a sissified male?

He was in sissyboi mode.  Wearing some cuffed linen shorts that show delightful pantylines. A very plain while button up blouse that subtly showed his lacy bralette.  His legs gorgeous and hair free as always. Some ladies sandals as well.........  I did let him remove the polish from his toes.....  Very light make up just a touch of mascara and of course perfume...........
That is awesome!  I know another couple that is in about the same type of situation as you.  In this case, Michael, who now goes by Michelle was a pretty Macho guy, actually busting up their kitchen back in 2007.  His Mistress, wife, took it upon herself to feminize him.  When I was corresponding with them, I had suggested leggings for sissiboi mode, thus showing the shapeliness of his body, and his crotch of course was for the amusement of other strong females.  Needless to say, not only was his pantylines visible, but anyone seeing him knew he was a male.  Today, he owns no pants...he is always in skirts and an obedient male wife.  What I really like about this situation is that Michael was actually a very macho guy at one time.  I Love seeing the Ego of macho men crushed, and seeing these men become so submissive and vulnerable to Women.  

Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work you are doing with him!

You are sweet honey!  The male macho has to be eliminated. He has to learn to accept that his wants and desires are secondary.

(02-28-2018, 02:31 PM)switch-flex Wrote:
(02-21-2018, 04:18 PM)SheWearsThePants Wrote: My wife loves the idea of causing a problem with the bar code so the cashier needs to get a price check.  She can't wait for our next shopping trip. This idea  will increase my exposure as a sissy under female control. The line behind me will be longer and everyone's attention brought to the item or items I am purchasing.

Has she done this yet?   Maybe there could also be a problem with the size, so a bigger pairs is brought?
Best Wishes

Yes!  I expect a full report soon......
My old girlfriend Jenny, bought several sizes and lenghts of"penis plugs" with retaining rings and hollow pee through hole.
Every 28 days I had my " period" when I had to wear a penis plug daily like a tampon
(07-14-2016, 06:47 PM)Gemma Wrote:
(07-12-2016, 02:59 AM)Sissy Renee Wrote: Gemma, I just hope your schoolgirl learns to accept her experience as an opportunity to grow and develop empathy.  For me, my sissy period is a celebration of that which makes women my superiors in every way:  Their ability to create and nurture life.  I get the sense that you started her on this path as part of her discipline, and I certainly believe in discipline, but I hope you are giving her some homework so that she can understand the miracle of biology she is mimicking.  Oh, and I'd not use raw liver.  It seems to me you are asking for some nasty bacterial action.

My time of the month has become my special time when I contemplate my imperfections and set a new resolve to improve myself in every way I can.  In a way it represents my continuing transformation from an inadequate male into

Sissy Renee
Nancy Edwina is confined to her role as a naughty schoolgirl as a punishment.  Some irritation is something I am happy to see her suffer to further add to her punishment.

Gosh I'm very glad I wasn't in a position to cheat on you ... Poor Nancy Edwina don't think I could endure that!!!
My Mistress ensures that I am 'on the rag' every month. She doesn't keep me to a regular 28 day cycle, so that while I know my monthly is about to start, I never know exactly when until I get a text from Mistress. This can be at any time of the day or night but is often when I am at work. I have to put on white cotton panties with a sanitary pad under my navy blue gym panties and insert a regular tampon into my sissy vagina. I am expected to change the tampon every two hours and my sanitary pad every 4 hours. On heavier days, I have to use super tampons and add two table spoons of strawberry jam to my sanitary pad every time I change my tampon. On very heavy days, I have to use super plus tampons and add three tables spoons on jam to my sanitary pad on each tampon change. My monthly can last from 3 to 7 days depending on how Mistress is feeling and I am expected to buy all my sanitary products (which is very embarrassing) and keep some available at all times in case of emergencies. Mistress inspects my panties each evening and if there has been any soiling of my panties, I receive a sound thrashing with her cane or tawse on my bare bottom and she extends the length of my monthly.

I hate my monthly cycle but I does make me feel so much more 'femme, because of it.

I would love to hear from any other girls who are made to have a 'monthly'.

Love sissy jenny baby

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