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The Interview
I arrived early and checked my tie in the window before entering. I went in and was directed to take a seat. 

After a few minutes a tall girl came over and introduced herself as Fiona, Ms. Roberts' PA. She took me to Ms. Roberts' office and invited me to take a seat. Ms. Roberts didn't even look up. 

She continued with what she was writing for several uncomfortable minutes. I began to wonder if she even knew I was there. 

Eventually she finished writing and looked up at me. She was a striking woman; short dark hair, clearly very expensively coiffured. Her make up was perfect - blood red lipstick outlining her perfect mouth. Her teeth were so white they almost shone. 

I waited for her to say something, but she just kept looking at me, straight in the eye. I wondered if I should speak first, but she somehow intimidated me into silence. 

Finally she spoke. "Are you wearing women's panties?"

I could feel my face turn instantly red. How could she know? I know my flies were done up because I'd checked before coming in. And I'd checked before leaving home that there was no VPL. Or maybe she didn't know. Maybe she said it to everyone. But why? And I knew that in any case my violent blushing had given my game away. 

Ms. Roberts allowed a trace of a smile to cross her lips as she lifted her telephone receiver. "Fiona, I was right. Would you bring in the ... yes please ... no, both. Thank you."

"What sort of panties are you wearing?"

I tried to answer but my mouth was completely dry. 

"Cat got your tongue? Never mind. I shall find out soon enough anyway. Take off your belt ."

I should have turned and run, but I felt I had to do exactly as this powerful woman told me. I took off my belt and put it on the desk. 

"Now take off your jacket."

I hung it on the back of my chair. I had a terrible feeling I knew what was coming next, but it still came as a shock. 

"Drop your trousers."

I looked at her pleadingly, but her face was cold. She stared back at me, waiting for me to do as I'd been told. She was clearly used to getting her own way. I fumbled with the button and undid my zip, then allowed my trousers to drop to the floor. 

"Lift up your shirt. I want to see your panties ... French knickers, I see. Very pretty. But they're not very supportive, are they? Mind you, it doesn't look like you've got very much to support."

With that Fiona came back into the office. She didn't seem surprised to see me standing there with my trousers round my ankles, lifting my shirt to show Ms. Roberts my knickers. 

She placed two items on the desk, and my heart missed a beat when I saw them. There was a table tennis bat. And a cane. 

Without needing to be told Fiona left the office, closing the door on her way out. 

"Bend over the desk. Grip the opposite edge."

I shuffled towards the desk and bent over as she instructed. I was dreading what I now knew was coming. 

Ms. Roberts stood silently behind me for what seemed like ages. I felt her take the satin material of my knickers in her fingers to feel it. "Very soft and silky."

She reached over me and picked up the table tennis bat. With no warning she brought it down sharply on my bottom, paddling each cheek in turn. My thin white knickers offered no protection at all. My bottom felt like it was on fire. 

She stopped as abruptly as she'd started. But my relief was short-lived. 

She picked up the cane, and after a few practice swipes administered six of the best. 

My fingernails were digging into her desk, such was the pain. 

I daren't move in case it displeased her and she beat me again. 

And then I heard the door open. She said nothing at all as she left, closing the door behind her. Not knowing what to do I just stayed in place, not even daring to rub my poor stinging bottom. 

What seemed like ages passed before I heard the door open again. This time it was Fiona. "You may leave now. Ms. Roberts says that if you want the job you can start on Monday at 9 o'clock sharp."
So do you think he took the job?!
(06-29-2017, 04:57 AM)Ali Wrote: So do you think he took the job?!

What a question?

He went out and celebrated by going to Victoria's Secret and bought that lovely matching panty and BRA set with which he'd been enamored with for the last few weeks.... and BOTH FIONA and Ms ROBERTS smiled victoriously at one another as They noticed the bra straps beneath his rather femininely cut work blouse when he arrived at 8:59 AM Monday morning!

Rolleyes    Then Fiona closed Ms Roberts door and they discussed further plans for the NEW DRESS CODE for ALL the males in the office.   Tongue

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Absolutely delicious! Loved it!
(07-30-2017, 04:54 PM)pinnellipee Wrote: I WANT THE JOB!

Be forewarned... the pay for non-Females in the office averages only 27% of that for Women....

BUT on the PLUS SIDE they've just redesigned the LITTLE male girl POWDER ROOMS in the most darling LAVENDER and FUCHSIA MOTIF!!!

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