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Very Hot spell in England reveals a suprise
I also think it would have happened in the boys home too, most of them would have borrow skirts from their Sisters and would have included their Mothers in their plans too for permission to do this protest. My thoughts here being that I would virtually guarantee in at least one of those households if not more  someone would have suggested that the boy should wear a pair of panties/knickers too after all if they were prepared to wear a skirt....., lol. Now obviously I don't think any of the boys actually did wear panties/knickers, but as you say the seed of  the idea would have been planted.

You can hear in the video clip that the Girls are totally empowered by this simple act, teasing and laughing at the boys, they seem to love seeing the boys all vulnerable to them like this. 

Apparently started on the first day with only 5 brave (silly) boys attending school in skirts, the next day 50 of them attended and only one boy was told off and this was for having his skirt too short, I'll bet his skirt was flipped several times putting whatever underwear he had on that day (boxer-shorts or panties) on show, lol.

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