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Very Hot spell in England reveals a suprise
(03-26-2018, 01:27 PM)Saz Wrote:
(03-25-2018, 07:39 PM)mikki Wrote:
(03-24-2018, 03:03 PM)Algoriano1 Wrote: What is clear is that the day in which the reversal of gender roles is a fait accompli, the boys will suffer a lot in the schoolyard, as girls have suffered for decades. The girls in pants will enjoy a lot of lifting the skirts of the once arrogant boys, and will laugh with enthusiasm when exposing all their underwear. 
While it would indeed be preferable if the boys all were wearing cute princess panties as shown, the reality was otherwise.  In the news video previously mentioned, you can clearly see that it appears that most of the boys were wearing what appeared to be dark blue gym shorts (standard boys' sports kit at Exeter Academy?) under their skirts.  

True enough mikki, but it is a start and that this many boys would wear skirts voluntarily is brilliant . 

Your right enough a lot of the boys are wearing what appears to be shorts but if you watch the video the tall boy pushing his bike lifts his skirt slightly as a tease and you can't really see shorts there, lol.

I also absolutely love that you can hear all the Superiors laughing and teasing and even hear one Girl call out "Hey Sexy Boy", get used to it boys, lol  Wink

From small acorns (most of us femaleboys have them, lol) mighty oaks can grow  Big Grin
The concept of gender role reversal is precisely that, the change of roles, the girls put themselves in the role of the boys and the boys in the role of the girls. But with the memory of the teasing and harassment suffered by the boys. In the reversal of gender roles, the girls contemplate the boys dressed in the plaid skirts that until now the girls wore, and they can not repress taking the sweet revenge, chasing the now vulnerable boys and lifting their skirts so that everyone can see their underwear.

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