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Happy Gynarchy: Female Enlightenment Day July 1, 2021
Since the dawn of time women have been kept down by men because they fear our superiority. More than 200 years ago a movement of Female Enlightenment was started. Countless hours and sacrifice by billions of women have led us to this moment. We shall never forget those have come before us or the work left to do. Our daughters and granddaughters will be reward with a true Gynarchy: build by women and built for all womankind.

The Pillars of Female Enlightenment:
  • Female Enlighten is a just cause and must include females from all cultures, demographics and races.
  • The female body is sacred and no one will ever have authority over a women’s body accept her.
  • All segments of society and laws will only existing for the benefit of females.
  • Masculinity is a toxic disease that needs to be totally eradicated, ripped from its roots and never allowed to grow again.

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Happy Gynarchy: Female Enlightenment Day July 1, 2021 - by RadicalFeminist - 07-01-2021, 01:26 PM
RE: Happy Gynarchy: Female Enlightenment Day July 1, 2021 - by Girlygirl - 07-01-2021, 04:26 PM

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