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Looking for larger sized sailor suit outfits
Yes the L F B outfit is a separate skirt and onesie - in ordering size for the onesie -
the skirt with its elastic waist and zipper closing is really quite multi-adjustable for sizing.
As for the onesie size for the HIPS the critical factor in retaining diapers and plastic panties in place and not popping the crotch poppers.
The fabric is stretchy enough that the chest and torso length will naturally fall into place.
I have commented before once you put this outfit on you will not want to take it off - ah er maybe for a diaper change -
just flip the skirt up and away - pop the poppers - do the business with the plastic panties and diapers - reassemble and sail away you go !

Pink not you fantasy color it comes in Sailor Blue (I have that one also) and black.

Similar designs are available on eBay but the Asian sizing leaves much to be desired !

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RE: Looking for larger sized sailor suit outfits - by BABYLOCK - 01-26-2021, 09:20 PM

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