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Alex thought joining a fraternity might help him fit in with the guys. Something he always seemed to fail at. There was the pledging ritual, however. Alex would have to dress as a girl. Knowing it was meant to humiliate the pledges, Alex was confident he could get through it. It wasn't as if he hadn't been forced to dress as a girl and be humiliated before. If he passed, he would receive his blazer displaying the fraternity crest and be able to join the fraternity. This time would be different, he told himself. It wouldn't really be humiliation, just some expected razing.

He really thought he wanted to be in the fraternity so he was determined to look his best. His friend Sarah warned him it was a bad idea but still agreed to help him look his best. She helped him pick out a short pink party dress with a petticoat and pink high heels. She even did his makeup, then thinned and shaped his eyebrows for extra effect.  After curling his hair, she pinned a ruffled lace cap into place. Alex was sure he would pass the pledge test and be accepted. Sarah said maybe a sorority was a better idea.

When Alex arrived, the other pledges were standing around. All of them looked like boys dressed as girls. Alex confidently joined the garden party, his petticoats swishing as he walked toward the bar and received a drink. The fraternity brothers all began staring. "Who's the girl?" He heard someone say. "Oh my God, it's Alex," he then heard. "You mean Alexis." Another boy shouted. They all laughed. "Hey sissy, shouldn't you be pledging a sorority?" He heard one of them say. The laughter increased. Suddenly, Alex felt humiliated again. He knew they were right. He would never fit in as one of the guys. He grabbed his purse and ran away.

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