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A Walk in the Park
(12-03-2020, 01:11 AM)sissysoft Wrote: Another well written story Bobby - thank you.  I particularly liked this little touch, making it very clear it's a young man undergoing this treatment.  Nowhere for a sissy to hide when the hair is cut short.  Such humiliation.     

and as I closed the distance between us, the short, cropped hair quickly gave away that this ‚Äėgirl‚Äô was actually a young male, maybe 15 or 16 years old.

Short hair(cut) but still styled on the feminine side - and accessoried with earrings hoops and studs and perhaps a bold necklace (collar) !

Nice story - short sweet and not encumbered with the effect of multiple chapters serial events leaving one in the lurch waiting for another.
Now get crackin on another sissy adventure - I need my fix of sissy humiliation done on the quick side !

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