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My Step Mother’s Bridesmaid
Chapter 1 

I was horrified when my dad told me the news. I couldn’t believe he was marrying Victoria! It had been five years since my mother’s passing and I just turned 16. Victoria was much younger than my dad. In fact she was only 28 years old. My dad was almost 50 so I wasn’t exactly sure what she was in my dad. We weren’t exactly rich but we definitely weren’t poor. So, she really couldn’t be after his money because there wasn’t a whole lot. So, I guess you could say that I was skeptical. The wedding Its self was going to be expensive and there was going to be at least 500 guests. I was happy that at least I would be my fathers best man or so I thought anyway. Then the bong was dropped on me. A couple of weeks after they started to plan the wedding I was called down to discuss the plans for the wedding. “So me and Victoria have decided that for the wedding you will be joining Victoria’s friends Daisy and Amy as a bridesmaid.”

Chapter 2

Surely I didn’t hear that right! Dad a bridesmaid I’m suppose to be your best man. “Well son I have a big promotion at work that I’m up for and going to be asking some co workers to be my best man and my grooms men.” “Also I think you will be better off as one of my bridesmaids.” Why do you say that? I asked her angrily. “Well you don’t really fit in with the other groomsmen. They are a lot older and as well as other things. You’re a lot more closer our age group.” But but bridesmaids wear dresses and heels. They both looked at each other and laughed. “Don’t worry you won’t be wearing a dress or heels. You just be in a tux that matched daisy and Amy’s dress.” “Think of this is a way to get to know Victoria more. After all she is going to be your step mother.” I sighed inwardly too myself. Honestly it didn’t sound too bad. I thought that I was going to have to wear a dress. Okay well I guess that doesn’t sound to bad. “See? It won’t be, but you will still have to do stuff with us, and be apart of the planning like a normal bridesmaid.” Okay I can do that. “We know you can son.”

About a week or so had past since that conversation and nothing had happened since. My dad has his big business trip and he was leaving that day. He would be gone for almost around a month and Victoria had just moved in to our house. Me and my dad said our goodbyes and he drove off to the airport and there I was home with alone with Victoria. “Come in I’ll make you some dinner.” I was really surprised with the amount of effort that Victoria had been showing recently. She made us dinner and we both sat down and ate together. “You have such great hair!” The statement was so far out of left field that I was taken by surprise. My hair was really long blonde and down past my shoulders. Thank you I said surprised. “I’m being serious. You should let me style it.” Style it? What was she talking about? What do you mean I asked? “Style it. Let me give it some volume. You’ll be so popular with the girls.” Really I asked. That got my attention I always wanted a girlfriend. I’m sure you could guess but I was a virgin. “Duh! Come on! It will be fun.” I readily agreed to her proposal and we went up to her room.

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