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Masters Ball - 1
Henry and I were asleep together a few weeks ago when Laura and Gloria (18) awakened us.
 We were naked, naturally, wearing Chastity Devices.

 The girls removed them, inserted hefty middle fingers into our rectums, Marched us a-tiptoe to a Sissy Double Bathroom.
 Still impaled, flaccid penises in hand, we peed at the Bidet, while leering at their large luscious feet & toes.

 We're both 5'6" barefoot.
 Our daughters are statuesque beauties, 6'4" in black strappies, white blouses & miniskirts.

 They sat us cheek-to-cheek on Sissy Toilets and said, "Poop, daddy!".
 We complied. Copiously.

 After thoroughly wiping us, they gave us our usual Morning Spanking.
 We screamed, cried, sobbed, howled, curling chubby toes in pain.

 The girls Primped, Oiled, Dressed us. But forbade makeup & lipstick.
 We wore frocks and flats to The Sissy Beauty Parlor.

 Several hours later (looking tip-toes fabulous) we went shopping with our daughters.
 Totally backless dresses. 4-snap garters. Sheer stirrup hose. Sexy pink strappies.

 A Masters Ball was planned for Saturday nite.
 Laura gave me a 2.5 Perfume Enema just before.


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