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Just imagine...
(11-03-2020, 08:58 AM)Satin Jessie Wrote: When I used to visit my Auntie Kay she would insist on putting me in a similar outfit for the duration of my time with her. She forbid any male clothing and would greet me at the door, tell me to strip then point me up the stairs to the waiting bubble bath she'd prepared for me. Once I'd been scrubbed I'd be dressed as a little girl until bedtime. She often threatened to put me back in nappies but thankfully never carried out the threat. I think she liked the idea that she could pull my tights and frilly knickers down for a spanking whenever the mood took her, nappies would have slowed her down somewhat.
If any of her friends came round I had to greet them at the door with a curtsey and inevitably they'd all ask me to give them a twirl, revealing my layers and layers of petticoats and frilly knickers. Any signs of reluctance or pouting would be punished by a spanking from Auntie and her friends.

What a lovely memory, Jessie. How old were you when you used to visit your Auntie Kay and she treated you like her little girl?

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