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Growing up, my mother, a real estate agent, gave my two older sisters and I housekeeping chores since she was generally working on the weekends. She would alternate them so we each did each chore periodically. My oldest sister also did housekeeping chores for the neighbor lady for some extra money. When she left home, my other sister assumed those duties. She and I then split the housekeeping chores in our home. When my other sister left home, that left only me. At 16, I assumed all the housekeeping chores in our home. 

To my surprise, the neighbor lady also assumed I would replace my sister and do her housekeeping. When she stopped by and asked, I hesitated. I made up an excuse that I was planning on trying out for sports and wouldn't have time. She looked shocked but sort of smiled and said, oh don't do that, you're too delicate, you might get hurt. It was clear she didn't believe me. I then felt guilty for lying, so I agreed to do her housework. I followed her back to her house. She pointed to a full length apron on a hook and said it was the apron my sisters always wore. It was pink with ruffled trim. She then handed it to me. I couldn't muster the courage to say no, so I took it, and put it on. She tied the bow in the back for me and then smiled. I was expected to wear it every time I did her housework. My hair was long so she gave me a ruffled scrunchie to pull my hair back into a pony tail, to keep it out of the way. While other kids at school were searching for part-time jobs, I had mine already, as a housekeeper.

Whenever I saw myself in the mirror wearing that apron with my hair in a pony tail, I felt girly. Wearing shorts, it almost looked like I was wearing a dress. I always wondered if she thought I should be wearing a dress. I'm sure now that I would have, had she asked.

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