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Sarah Wilkinson - Nappy Discipline Part 2
Sarah Wilkinson - Nappy Discipline - Part Two

Dear Helga,

While adult nappy manufacturers have worked strenuously to make their products less obtrusive, these efforts must be defeated if the adult baby is to suffer humiliation in public. In summer this is often accomplished by the use of shorts that are too small to cover all the plastic pants. Thus the adult baby must confront the reality that his secret is always open to viewing should anyone look closely enough.

In winter the adult baby should be forced to wear trousers that allow the nappy bulge to show prominently and no sports jacket should be allowed. Nappy visibility in female adult babies require different strategies. Skirts that are short enough to allow brief glimpses of the bulging plastic panties are fine for summer. Shorts with very wide leg openings are also useful, especially if the adult baby is to be taken shopping for shoes, in which situation the clerk would get an unimpeded view of her nappied crotch.

In winter the girl should be forced to wear a garter belt and stockings under a skirt that is both too tight and slit too high to conceal either her garters or her plastic panties. If the stockings are seamed, with reinforced heels, she will attract a lot of attention from males, to her distress. High heels are a must at all times for female adult babies and may be used with effect on males when in private.

When at home or in circumstances of reasonable privacy, both male and female adult babies should not be permitted any covering below the waist. The shirt-and-nappy uniform is common to toddlers because it offers the ability to instantly discern the condition of the nappy, no less is true of the nappied adult baby.

A secondary benefit is that the adult baby is forced to see his or her nappies all the time, knowing they cannot be removed or altered without intervention from the Mummy.

In this state of undress, the adult baby should be forced to perform chores, which may result in them being observed by strangers. These can be in the form of retrieving the morning paper, hanging out the laundry, or being locked outside on an apartment balcony for a suitable length of time.

Some activities require additional clothing. An adult baby sent to do the laundry in a Laundromat or apartment laundry should be dressed in too small shorts and a shirt that is cut short enough to ride up the back as soon as the adult baby bends over. This exposes the top of the adult baby's plastic pants and the adult baby's instinctive reaction to keep pulling the shirt down merely attracts more attention. Visibility need not depend on the eyes. Disposable nappies and well-worn plastic pants can be noisy. The crackling sounds can be quite loud and attract attention from passers-by in shopping centres and airports. In addition, these materials are noisy to take off and put on, so if your adult baby must change his nappy in a public washroom it will not be possible for him to do so discreetly.

Another element to visibility is smell. Again, adult nappy companies do not add fragrances to their products but this is no impediment to the ambitious Mummy. Male adult babies are especially susceptible to the torment of being sent out into public with the sweet fragrances of scented Vaseline, baby powder and lotion preceding him like a cloud.

Of course, if desired, the adult baby can be made to soil himself (laxatives and suppositories are useful) and this is the most humiliating visibility factor of all and is very effective in crowded public places like elevators.

Having added extra bulk, several pairs of plastic panties and perhaps double nappies, the competent Mummy has already addressed many concerns for efficiency. However long trips, extended punishment periods or the deliberate cultivation of nappy rash require innovation. In situations where the adult baby must be capable of changing her nappy, such as on an aircraft, it is possible to keep him wet and safe at the same time. Nappying him in a single adult cloth either or disposable nappy accomplishes this.

If a disposable is used, its plastic backing must be perforated to permit drainage. Sew the cloth nappy on so the adult baby cannot remove it (you may wish to insert a butt plug before doing so) but do use pins to take the strain off the thread

Sarah Wilkinson

Thank you for your letter Sarah. Our readers will appreciate the detailed information you've provided in this and the upcoming chapters on this fascinating subject. We also greatly appreciate your taking the time to do so.

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