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My wife very generously allowed me the day off after a rather boozy night out resulting with me with a cracking hangover.  She even deferred me being in full uniform, instead "going easy" and permitting just a tabard, PVC pinny, rubber gloves and nappy, plus plastic bib and bonnet.  As I lay convalescing she she ordered me to sleep and recover for she had a surprise for me when she got back from work.

By the afternoon I was almost back to normal and considering getting up when I heard my wife at the bedroom door.  She came in pushing a trolley wearing a nurse uniform.  But this wasn't her usual style this was new and instantly had me squirming in my cock cage.  She wore a mint green rubber smock but it also had a surgical mask attached at the collar.  She simply pulled the mask up and tied it behind her head with the two straps.

From the trolley she then picked up her transparent PVC apron and tied it on, pulled on rubber gloves and simply said, "are you ready?".

Then she opened up the box on the trolley which contained her sounds set.  Thereafter followed a long period of pleasure and pain with my wife expertly introducing her tools to my tool (ahem).  It was worth it as she looked superb in her new nurse outfit.

Anyway, any of you into sounding or similar?
Always in strict uniform

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