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The Miniskirt Killed the Garter Belt
I came of age in the twilight of the garter belt era.  The era was quashed by the advent of the miniskirt.  For a brief, glorious moment girls were wild for miniskirts.  And, there was yet a market for mass-marketed pantyhose.  Necessity is a mother of an inventor. And, within mere months ... wah lah.  All the girls were buying pantyhose and garter belts went the way of the buggy whip.  I mean.  You could still get them.  But, why?

I remember when it dawned on me that garter belts had to be worn inside panties instead of over panties.  "How do they sit down to pee if they're wearing a garter belt?" was followed by, "Ah.  INSIDE the panties."  So, I had these visions of girls getting dressed and strapping on belt and garters before putting on their panties.  I was so dismayed when a girl let me know she put her panties on first, then the garter belt, then stuffed the garters down through the inside of her panties and out through the leg bands.  Bummer.

In drive-in make out sessions, she would allow me to unsnap her stockings, peel 'em off, then unhook her garter belt and pull it out her panty legs.  (The panties stayed on.  But, hey.  I was into lingerie and playing with with her linens was enough.)

In "The Last Picture Show," Cybill Shepherd has the greatest ever panties and garter belt scene in a mainstream movie.  It's an utterly correct depiction of the under gear for girls in the day.  As she strips, she takes off her garter belt without removing her panties ... and that's how you do it.  (See the scene at this link.)

Well, that's not how I do it!  On my Saturday grocery shopping outings en femme, my routine with my garter belt was the way I'd initially imagined it.  Out of the shower, I dressed in this order:  bra, garter belt, stockings, panties, women's trousers and a blouse.  The finest moments were those in bra, bare bottom and garter belt ... unrolling stockings on to my legs.  Pulling a pair of panties over stockings and garters?  A thrill.

The moment of the miniskirt before pantyhose was eye candy heaven.  Then, the price was paid for all time.  Pantyhose.

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