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Definition of Masculinity and Definition of Femininity
(08-01-2020, 12:21 PM)Lottie Wrote:
(07-22-2020, 10:06 PM)AURELIANUS81 Wrote: Hello!

It's been a long time since I wrote here, and to tell you the truth, I know that you don't always want to listen to different sentences, but nevertheless, I decided to include today the true definition of masculinity and the definition of femininity.


The best definition of masculinity I have ever heard was given by General George Patton before the Normandy invasion on June 6, 1944.

Here is a quote from the entire "God of War" speech to American soldiers of June 5, 1944:


"All the talk that America doesn't want to go on and fight this war is a lot of fucking crap. Our whole tradition shows that we are always ready to fight. All true Americans love this shot of excitement and the clash with the enemy.

You are here today for three reasons: because you want to defend your homes and loved ones, because you respect yourself, because you did not want to be elsewhere, and finally because you are real men. Real men like to fight.

As kids, you all admired the champion of marbles, the fastest runner, the toughest boxer, the best baseball players and footballers. Americans love winners, hate losers, and despise cowards. We always play to win.

I don't give a shit about a guy who lost and was still laughing. That is why the Americans have never lost and will not lose the war - we hate the mere thought of defeat. You will not all die. Perhaps 2% of those here today will die in a major battle. Do not be afraid of death, in its time it will come for every human being.

It is true that everyone is afraid of fighting, the one who denies is a liar. Some people, even with a soul on their shoulder, can fight like the bravest. To hell, they can do their best when they see what kind of heart others, equally scared, are fighting with.

A true hero is one who fights even when he feels fear. Some feel fear in the first minute of a fight, some after three hours, some all day long, but a real man will never let his fear take over his sense of honor, duty to the country, and inner male strength.

Fighting is the most wonderful type of competition that a human can participate in. It brings out the best in us and frees us from the low and wicked. Americans are proud to be masculine and I tell you they are really brave. Remember that the enemy feels as much fear as you do, and maybe even more so - they are not superhumans.

Throughout your military service, you have a psyche about what you call "painful drill." Like everything else in the military, it has a specific purpose - vigilance. Everyone must have it in them. A guy who can't be constantly vigilant and attentive is worth shit.

You are veterans or you would not be here. You are ready for what is to come, if you want to survive, you must remain vigilant at all times. If she's gone, eventually some German motherfucker will sneak up on you from behind and kill you with anything.

There are four hundred carefully marked graves in one place in Sicily, they are there only because one of the soldiers lying in it has gone to sleep on duty. But these are the graves of the Germans because we surprised the motherfucker in her sleep before they caught him themselves.

The army is one team - it lives, sleeps, eats and fights together. Talking about individual heroism is a lot of nonsense. Those pathetic dicks who fry the Saturday Evening Post articles on this subject know no more about real fireline fighting than they do about fucking themselves.

We have the best equipment and the best food. The greatest fighting spirit and the best soldiers in the world. My God, I even feel sorry for those poor motherfuckers who will face us. For God's sake, I really feel sorry for those bastards.

The men don't give up! I don't want to hear that a soldier fighting under my command has been taken prisoner - unless he was shot in combat. But even if they shoot you, you can still return fire.

And I'm not talking nonsense here. Under my command, I want people like the lieutenant I met during the fighting in Libya. The moment the German pressed a Luger to his chest, he tore off his helmet, knocked off the hand with the pistol and hit the German so hard that it fell flat. Then the lieutenant jumped up, grabbed the gun from him and killed another German before they realized what the hell was going on. And all this time he had a bullet in his lung - this is a real man.

Real heroes are not legendary fairy-tale characters for good children. Everyone in this army has a key role to play. Never give up your efforts, don't weaken your will, let no one think that his work is not important. Everyone has a job to do and must do it.

You are all links in a great chain. What if every truck driver suddenly decided he was fed up with the whistling bullets above his head, turned yellow with terror, and ran straight into the ditch? A cowardly son of a bitch would then say, "To hell with all of this, they won't pity me anyway, I'm just one of many thousands." But if everyone was thinking that, where the hell would we be today? What would our country, our loved ones, our homes and even the whole world look like?

Not the hell! Americans don't think that way, everyone has their job, everyone serves everyone and the greater whole. Every squad and every unit has a place in the grand scheme of this war. Logistics people are needed to supply us with weapons. Thanks to them, we can fight. The Quartermaster is important because he provides food and uniforms. Everyone who works in the field kitchens has a job to do, even those who only boil water so that we don't get a diarrhea.

Let no one think only about himself, let him pay attention to the fighting next to his friend. We don't want pathetic cowards in this army, they should be exterminated - like rats, because if not, they will return home after the war and breed more people like that. Courageous men will breed even more courageous men. Let's kill goddamn cowards and we'll have a nation of brave people.

Let me give you an example of one of the bravest soldiers I have ever met. It was during the fighting in Tunisia. During a fierce exchange of fire, the bullets hissed overhead, the soldier sitting on a telegraph pole. I ask him, what the hell is he doing there at a time like this? "I'm repairing telegraph wires, General," he screams. Is it wise, right now? And he replies: "You're right, General, but these damn wires need to be repaired." "And don't you mind planes shooting at the road?", "Hell, not general - the job has to be done."

Here is a real man, a real soldier. This man did everything to fulfill his task, despite the great probability that he would die. It's a pity you didn't see these trucks on the roads in Tunisia. Our wonderful drivers, day and night, pushed along these sacramental roads, without any breaks, without deviating from the course, although all the time bullets and bombs exploded overhead.

We achieved our goal thanks to the courage for which Americans have been famous for centuries. Some of these drivers have been driving for over 40 consecutive hours. These were not people directly involved in the fight, but ordinary soldiers doing their job - and how did they do it? Hell, great. They were part of one team. Without their efforts, we would have lost the battle without them. When all the links in the chain are held tight, nothing will ever break it.

Remember, you don't know I'm here, no mention of me in the letters. The world is not supposed to know what the hell happened to me. I'm not in charge of this army, I'm not even in the army. Let the first bastards to find out about it be those bloody Germans. I want to see them leap to their feet and pee in fear, yelling "Jesus Christ, it's that goddamn 3rd Army again and that motherfucker Patton.

We're going to start hell here. The sooner we deal with this fucking mess, the sooner we can make a little raid on the Japanese and deal with those bastards in their cave before all the merit goes to the Marines.

Of course we want to go home, we want this war to end. The quickest way to do that is to get the bastards who started it. The sooner we dig, the sooner we return to the country. The easiest way to get there is through Berlin and Tokyo, and as soon as we take Berlin, I'll personally shoot this bastard, Hitler's wall-paper maker. Just like a snake is killed.

When a man lies in a shooting trench all day, the Germans will eventually get him there. To hell with it. My people won't dig any ditches or pits, I don't want them to do it. It only slows down the offensive. Be constantly on the attack, do not cease, do not give the enemy time to build ramparts.

We will win this war, but only by showing the Germans that we have more courage than they have or will ever have. Not only are we going to shoot every one of these motherfuckers, we are also gutting them and using them to lubricate the tracks of our tanks. We'll finish off those dicks and Huns - all of them!

War is bloody bloody and murderous business. We must shed their blood before they shed ours. Rip their bellies open, shoot them in the guts. When the bullets whistle around and you wipe the dust off your face, you will suddenly realize that it is not a dirt, but the blood and guts of a man who was once your best friend - you will know what to do.

I don't want any reports like "We hold our positions". We don't keep anything to the hell, let the Germans do it. Let's keep pushing forward. Only the constant pursuit of the enemy, let's grab his balls, let's squeeze them so that he will shit with pain. Our basic operating plan is to keep going and moving forward. All the time and without a break. We'll go through the krauts as smooth as shit through a goose.

From time to time, there are complaints that we tighten the screw on our people. But I don't fucking care. I believe in the good old rule: "A little sweat will save the gallons of blood." The harder we press, the more Germans we kill, the more we kill them - the less of ours will die. So tightening the screw means fewer unnecessary casualties. I want you all to remember this.

After you return home from this war, you will be able to say one big thing. In twenty years, you will be sitting by the fireplace with your grandson on your lap, and when he asks, "What were you doing during the Great World War II?", "Phew, well, I was shoveling dung in Louisiana." ". No, gentlemen - you'll be able to look him in the eye and say, "Listen, son, your grandfather served in a great 3rd Army, under the command of that goddamn George Patton bastard."

Amazing - isn't it !?

"The penultimate God of War": George Patton (Patton 1970):

As for femininity, the best definition of it will be the beauty shown during miss competitions, especially female students - like here: Miss Lodz University of Technology (Central Poland) from 2013:

To sum up: masculinity is strength, responsibility and efficiency (also protection of the weaker, especially women), while femininity is beauty, delicacy and ... submission.

Thank you for your attention.
Traditional masculinity and femininity has been hard-wired into the human psyche for millennia.

But, it has never been rigid and there has always been some fluidity.

Females have been treated as the weaker sex, but throughout history women such as Joan of Arc, Margaret of Anjou, Elizabeth I and many others have shown that women can step up and do anything a man can do, despite the constraints imposed by society due to their gender.  Conversely, there are many men in history who are weak, cowardly and inadequate or who express their feminine sides.

Women, who are on the whole better educated and better equipped to work in the modern world, are becoming the dominant sex, and men the weaker sex.  What happens then will be up to the women.


Exactly, Lottie.

In a not dissimilar way to the way in which the East is beginning to get the upper hand over the West, women in many respects are better equipped to handle the values of modern society (though whether the two are related is another matter).

There has been a lot of talk that the current crisis has impacted traditional female based industries more than traditionally male ones and one can well see a situation in which women move from such as retail roles to construction or engineering roles and being quite successful as a consequence. Of course, what this would necessitate is for more men to covert traditionally female roles which seems a likely trend and one which in some areas is already quite evident. 

I can well imagine many women wanting to assert their newfound dominance in the household (not to mention the bedroom) and it would seem perfectly reasonable that men would adopt skirts in those areas of employment where they were once traditional and still are more prevalent than in other areas. 

Take my own industry as an example; I work as an air stewardess and skirts are still part and parcel of that role (and in fact it is one area in which the wearing of skirts has remained at consistently high levels despite the liberalisation of workwear more generally). The only reason air stewards don’t wear skirts is because society is currently wired against it (most stewards are quite effeminate otherwise and most I am sure would gladly wear them in a society more tolerant on this subject). 

Once the pendulum has truly swung I can well imagine air stewards in skirts (and other feminine wear) will become a more common sight and quite likely contracted sight in some airlines.

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