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A Part Time Job At The Dance Supply Store
“Go on take off your pants and boxers and pull those sweet pink tights up your legs!” Melissa what are you trying to prove? I wore the tights yesterday! Isn’t that enough? “No it’s not enough and I’m trying to prove to yourself that your a little pansy tights boy!” I took off my pants and boxers and pulled the tights up my legs. I knew that if I didn’t she would tell Ashley who would definitely call my mom which couldn’t happen. I stood there for a second with just my tee shirt and tights on. I felt like a huge priss as I looked down at my pink encased legs. “Satisfactory now pull up your pants and get back to work! You have a lot of boxes to unload.” You know your not my boss Melissa! “Ha! I’m a female that means I’m automatically your boss!” With that Melissa picked up my boxers and cut them up again and threw them in the trash bin and walked away. I watched her walk off and I listened to the clicking that her heels made as she walked. I sort of liked the sound they made. It was very elegant.

I got back to work and let my thoughts continue. Claire wore heels I thought to my self. A lot actually but I never noticed how they sounded before. I might have to pay attention to it more. I then fantasized about her walking in heels at the store and ordering me to work and wear tights. I knew I had to stop my imagination before it got to far as I began to expand into the tights, which you could barely see through my pants but the tent was noticeable. Before I knew it I had finished unboxing everything and my work day was done but it was going to be difficult walking out of here because my tent wouldn’t settle down. I walked to the front of the store and I almost made it until Ashley called me from behind. “Nick! I just wanted to tell you that you did a great job today! So great that tomorrow I’m going to move you to the front of the store!” The front? “Yup you’ll be putting stuff out on the racks and hanging them up. You’ll be working with Melissa!” Okay I said as I left the store and thankful that she didn’t notice my tent.

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