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Pics of children
(10-12-2016, 08:48 AM)Ali Wrote: I've started a thread on this subject in the General Discussion section. If you've not seen it please will you have a look?

Thank you.

Here's a link to the discussion Ali started:

The discussion concerns recent changes in the posting guidelines at the top of every sub-forum. It's not easy to strike the correct balance between information on TG issues, concern for displays of children, and the possibility that the forum might be shut down.

Please read the new guidelines (They're also in one of my posts on Ali's thread.) and the comments and express your own views.

Your other obedient servant,

Stamp out useless scrolling! To reply to posts, click Reply, then Control (or Command) + A, then start typing. Or, to focus on one part of a previous post, delete the unneeded sections, then reply. Add a similar message to your .sig if you like.

Your forum maid,

ModeratorM Cool

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