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The perfect petticoating.
(05-23-2020, 06:06 AM)crushed ego Wrote: One of the things that (in my humble opinion) makes petticoating so interesting is the shere diversity in the methods and causes of its implementation. Throughout my time on this forum (which I admit isn't that long compared to some of our other members) i have seen stories of everything ranging from loving mothers wanting to instill the wonders of feminity unto their beloved sons, to firm disciplinarians swiftly and harshly pulling a young brats' masculinity and inflated sense of ego under him like a rug. I have seen petticoating used as a temporary measure by conservative godfearing families, which, under the traditional gender roles which they so prescribe to, should make the young man feel embarrassed and unfit for his masculine hegemony. Contrast that with many of the brave radical feminists who want to change the face of gender dynamics by instilling prissiness and submission permanently onto their brats, and making them proud to be serving their female masters. I have seen boys forced to keep their hair short to remind others that they are in fact ,a boy forced into frilly dresses and frocks, along with boys made to wear long hair and makeup to fully seal into their heads that they are from now on permanent members pf the female sex. It's used as both a punishment complementing traditional gender roles, and a lifestyle defying them (and most often some delicious mix of the two). So i would like to ask those on the forum to post on this thread what the perfect petticoating looks like. Short or long hair, whether it should be carried on into adulthood and so on. Don't be afraid to really go into detail. I am very much looking forwarward to the vast and diverse array of answers that lie below, Yours truly, crushed ego
Hi Crushed Ego

I must say, I cannot really recall a time when I wasn’t petticoated for at least part of the time. My mother punished both my sister and I with petticoat punishment from really quite a young age which would take one of two forms. Either a secretary punishment which involve us having to wear a pencil skirt, high heels, full makeup etc or nappy/Lolita punishment where we would wear what in Japan is known as a Lolita dress, almost invariably with a nappy on underneath. This was the more severe punishment as we would have to act like girls (skipping around etc) and use our nappies for all our needs. If our nappies were dirtied we would then have to continue wearing them for a specific time period before she would change us. Further, on a night time, we would have to drink copious amounts of water before bed meaning we were very often wet before we even got off to sleep.

Days following a cousin’s wedding In which my sister had reluctantly had to be bridesmaid, I once had to undergo the same treatment (as mother thought it only fair) and try on both a bridesmaid dress and wedding dress and skip around while my female cousins and sister got to sit there in trousers. Because I had complained and been forced into the wedding dress I ended up having to wear a nappy underneath. I must be the only person to ever mess a nappy while wearing a wedding dress.

There are three acts of rebellion that stick in my mind:
1. My sister was often punished by having to wear a pleated skirt to school instead of her preferred trousers (as almost all girls did). One day she protested this and she ended up having to wear a nappy under her skirt and also had to drink loads of water that morning. She spent all day trying to hide a drooping nappy.
2. During one particular nappy punishment when my sister and I were both in nappies and had both recently messed ourselves, we made the mistake of standing up to her. The result was that she gave in, but she actually changed us into each other’s nappy for the night so we ended up having to sleep in each other’s mess.
3. In one instance, I protested at having to wear a nappy to bed. Mother agreed that I didn’t have to but still made me drink loads of water. Of course that meant I had to actually wet the bed and woke up several times during the night to further do so.

Running partially parallel to this, I often had to go to my friendGabrielle’s house after school (mother only allowed this because her mother she had converted to petticoating. Every night I had to change into Gabrielle’s school skirt, blazer and makeup etc. to do homework. If the homework was done before mother came for me, I could change but if not I had to go home in her uniform complete with underwear and go back in it the following morning. With half an hour to spare, if the homework still wasn’t done, I had to wear the uniform to school (I think mother must have approved this with them as looking back I can’t think why the school would have allowed it otherwise). Anyway, as most of the girls wore trousers I ended up as the only student, let alone boy wearing a skirt dressed more femininely than some of the girls I had crushes on. I was usually coerced into jumping rope at break and even wearing her PE skirt during such lessons (in which sense again I was alone.

When I was caught smoking just before summer holidays aged 14 mother made me wear nappies 24/7 for the full holiday. While I could wear boys clothes on top, the nappies were obvious and never more so than when I had to mess myself. After wetting or messing, I had to sit in it for an hour before I could be changed and was subject to the same liquid regime on a night that I earlier described. After using nothing but nappies for a fortnight, I was essentially incontinent for several days on return.

The next major event came on my 18th birthday when in a bid I think to get me to move out, mother introduced permanent petticoating. Basically, I had to dress everyday as a secretary complete with underwear, skirt, heels, makeup and hair bun. If I had to go to an appointment at the job centre or housing office I could go as myself but would have to refeminise myself afterwards and even between meetings on the few occasions I had more than one in a day. On a night I would have to wear nappies with the liquid routine meaning I went to sleep and woke up in wet nappies everyday for 3 months. My sister eventually went through the same and even had to sacrifice her underwear for nappies 24/7 so long did it take for her to move out.

I went on to be an air stewardess (so it obviously made an impression) but am now back with mother for lockdown and appreciating the peculiar sensation of being dressed like a professional young woman while having to wet and use nappies like an infant underneath (all while mowing the lawn or painting a fence).
Hope that is adequate detail


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