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Sandra's Update
For me, the temptation was always too great, so I welcomed it when Mistress started to use a chastity cage on me. The ritual of the weekly milking, together with the anticipation, yet tension as to whether I had been obedient enough to deserve release, helped reinforce my submission and sissyness.

As time has progressed, release has become less pleasurable, as it should be. Either I am teased and left frustrated, or when Mistress deems release is needed to cleanse the prostate, she has perfected the art of a ruined dribble. This is immediately spoon fed to me, which I have been trained to eagerly lap up and indeed now enjoy.

Though even this is likely to change soon, as Mistress tells me she is going to switch to prostate stimulation only in the new future, so I have no pleasure at all from my winkie being fiddled with. I am hoping that this will not be a too unpleasant experience, even if I accept that rightly so the last vestiges of male pleasure will be extinguished for ever.

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