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House Maid Chapter 3
Chapter 3
I served three courses, which Ma’am seemed to enjoy. Through the meal I remained standing in the corner awaiting her next command clearing away her plates, refilling the wine glass. 
After she had finished the meal I was instructed to clear everything up, have my own food (in the kitchen) and return to the lounge. As she finished speaking she looked at her watch and announced I had 20 mins from now! I quickly went to my tasks.
Cleaning up everything i pondered what I had let myself into. The reality was that this was not a game, I could no longer top from the bottom, I was giving up any sense of control in my life and our relationship was unquestionably changing. Equally the excitement I felt was so intense, for I knew that in my inner being, serving, being led, dressing in pretty cloths were core parts of my submissive desires, that I could not deny. A maid was my future and I would have to internalise that the role would include many aspects that were hard, uncomfortable and even painful. But that was what I had accepted.
Mincing back into the living room, I curtsied and stood, head bowed, hand clasped in front of my apron.
“Good.” She said. “Now kneel.”
Leaning over Ma’am showed me her phone. “Take a look.” She commanded.
I could see what appeared to be some CCTV cameras.
Pulling her phone back, she said. “I have just purchased two of these, which you will fix in the back bedroom, after you have decorated it. I shall link them to my phone, so whilst you are locked away I will be able to monitor you and ensure you are behaving. Remember I intend to control your life maid and control it I will,” she stated.
I looked down at my lap, my excitement was intense.
She then reached into the bag and pulled out a round stainless steel collar, holding it in front of my face, she asked. “And what is this maid?”
“I think it’s a collar Ma’am.” I answered.
“Oh what a clever girl.” She mocked.
Telling me that tonight to mark the new arrangement I would be collared. I had seen collars before, usually leather with buckles, but never a steel one! As I watched Mistress unscrewed a small bolt on the side of the collar with an usual shaped key. The collar unhinged. Indicating me to come closer I edged forward still in a kneeling position.
Mistress placed the open collar around my neck, once clipped shut she turned the bolt on the side locking the collar in position.
“There.” She said sitting back. “What do you say?”
“Thank you Ma’am for putting me in a collar and making me your maid.” I muttered still looking downwards.
The collar was not very thick and was quite lose, but being steel it was not going anywhere without being unlocked and Mistress held the key firmly in her hand.
“Look at me maid.” She commanded.
As I raised my head Mistress held out the key in front of my face.
“Without the key this collar remains around your neck, there is no way you or I, without the key can remove it. I shall keep the key safely hidden and the collar represents your servitude to me.” She said.
Mistress then rotated the collar around my neck so that the bolt was at the back. Fixed to the front of the collar was a small metal ring. 
“This.” She said gently pulling on the ring. “Will allow me to secure you  wherever I wish.” She chuckled. “But one more thing.” As she reached into the bag and pulled out a small bell.
“This is such fun,” She laughed, attaching the bell to the collar. “Now stand up and walk around a bit.”
As I did so the bell gave a little tinkle, with every move. Mistress laughed out loud and smiled at the humiliation she was layering on me.
“Not only will you feel a maid in all your finery and be the maid in all your chores, but at every movement you will be reminded of your roll of my maid.”
“Kneel again.” She commanded. 
As soon as I was in position Mistress went onto to tell me I would be sleeping in the spare room for the next four nights and that soon she would be putting me to bed. I wondered what that actually meant, although I would soon find out.
She went onto remind me that I would be rolling the dice tonight, not because I had done anything wrong but as a way of celebrating the new world we were both rolling. Handing me the dice she told me to roll it once.
“Arrrrr a three, can you remember what that means?”
I said. “No sorry Ma’am, I’m not sure.”
“Well you will need to learn what each number means, but I will forgive you tonight.” She said.
She opened up the little book and read out what the number would result in.
“Oh good.” She exclaimed. “You are to spend a day tightly laced into a boned corset. That will be a challenge. We will sort that tomorrow.” She said excitedly.
Mistress went on to say there was just one more thing that needed to happen before I was sent to bed. Lifting my chin up so that she looked into my eyes, she recalled how earlier she intended to now enjoy a much better sex life than before and that I would live a much more chaste life. 
She recalled how I always happy early on in our relationship to put my head between her legs and give her pleasure with my tongue. This I was informed would now become a regular event as her maid, that said she needed me to be physically aware of my subservient position and how my roll was to develop not only in how I served but also worshipped her.
I was told that I must learn to serve her in ways that I had never done before and learn that my position was not only to give her pleasure but also to be respectful of her body in anyway she deemed.
With that she stood before me, looked down and turned so that I was facing her back. A few seconds later she had lifted up her satin skirt and taking one step back pushed my head into her arse. “Kiss the throne of your Mistress, maid.” She said loudly.
I rained kisses down all over her back side, recognising that this was a new experience for me, but one which was hugely symbolic. She let the hem of her skirt drop, so I was in darkness as I felt her hand at the back of my head pushing my face deep into the cleft of her arse as I kissed and licked her silken panties. I moved one hand to touch her leg but received a sharp rebuke to keep my hands behind my back.
She held me in position for sometime so my senses where infused with the intimacy of being throned. Suddenly she stepped forward.
“Nice to feel your devotion down there.” She said turning to face me. Next time there will be no panties and your tongue will serve me deeply. In fact I aim one day to have you begging to serve my arse, as it will be such an honour for you.” She chuckled.
“Right enough of all this fun.” She snapped. “Go and get me another glass of wine, then get ready for bed, you may wear a nightie and I will come up and tuck you in in a bit.”
I was still as I hurried off to pour the wine pondering what “tuck in” meant but I did not have long to wait.
As I lay in the back bedroom thinking about how everything had changed in a matter of hours my hands strayed between my legs. Playing with myself I knew I could come in seconds, I daydreamed of bring myself to climax that night as the chastity device had yet to be fitted and of course the cameras were not yet in place. I was, however quickly pulled up short when I heard Mistresses footsteps on the stairs, pulling my nightie down hoping the bulge would go unnoticed I pulled the duvet up.
“Good you are all ready for the night.” She said entering the room. 
Sitting on the side of the bed, I could see some chains and handcuffs which she dropped onto duvet beside me.
“You have done well today, my little maid.” As she softly stroked my hair.
“Tomorrow you can fully take up being my maid, lots of housework of course, oh and a tightly laced corset will make life a bit more challenging for you, but there again that is something you’ll have to get used too.”
I nodded looking up into her eyes.
“Also that chastity cage will be fitted tomorrow so I will control all of your future sexual activity, not that you will be getting very much.” She smiled.
“Now tonight I do not want any straying hands, so!” With that she shackled both wrists and looped the handcuffs through the ring in my collar, thus rendering my hands in a position far away from my groin.
“As the lock on the bedroom door has yet to be fitted and as I don't want you wandering around the house ….” She proceeded to attach a chain to one of my ankles and the other end to the bed leg, firmly securing them with two small padlocks.
Now I knew what tucking in meant!
Standing up she smiled down at me, walked to the door and then turned back and said. “I may well go out with some friends tomorrow night, I need some fun after all.” 
“If I do, then you, my dear little maid will be safely secured in your bedroom wondering what fun I am getting up too! Night night.”
With that she flicked off the light switch and pulled the door shut.
My mind raced, what had I let myself into?

If you would like to read more chapters - do please tell me why and share a few words about yourself xx 

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