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Quarantine - Just what I need /s
Hi All,

Not had the greatest start to the year

In January, Mum falls over her feet in the kitchen in her house. Luckily it was at 15:45 or so, as I was due round for dinner at about 17:00, so when I arrived she'd been laying for and hour and a half. Turns out she's cracked her pelvis.

Cue a trip to A&E (ER) then various wards till she ends up on 305, which is the winter OAP ward. Several of them have dementia and have to be given drugs so the others can actually get some sleep. A fair few are ex nursing home or waiting for places.

Mum spends a few weeks in there. I'm visiting every other day, as it's hard work and trek (I've ME/CFS) 

On the off days, I'm Sam - Mum definitely does not approve of Sam, so I take the opportunity

She then moves to a recuperation hospital 20 miles away. It's a longer but easier drive.

She's there a few more weeks, but I'm getting to the point of every third day visiting.  But the only time I was out nappies/training pants was to see her.

She gets home and whilst she's sorta mobile, she can't make dinner. So I'm going round and doing that. She's a bit better now - I'm still going round for dinner though

because we're in lockdown. With ME/CFS I need to self isolate. We're not on the government list - which is normal - there isn't a test so we don't fit in a box, hence missed. Mum's on a Supermarket priority list >80 & disabled. So we can get the shopping delivered.

I'm back to being Sam except not a dinner time, but I can't go shopping. I really was looking forward to being able to go look at a few charity shops, for some baby toys/Duplo. Or go shopping in training pants or go get a milkshake and I can't.
Adult Baby looking for Nanny/Mummy/Friends

Also suffer from ME/CFS so if I'm slow to post it's because I probably don't have the energy

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