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How were your nappies bought and stored?
(01-04-2021, 06:55 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: I think the main takeaway from that is not to cry wolf. I imagine you thought twice before asking for a toilet break during class afterwards. 

As far as nappies in school go, that is of course amongst the most embarrassing situations one could find themselves in and you were perhaps lucky that your predicament occurred outside of normal hours. Whilst I never wore nappies to school, my sister experienced it once (due largely to an outburst of her own petulance) but it didn’t do anything at all for her street cred.

Ha ha ha, indeed that was the take home message! I don't think I ever asked her again Big Grin !

And I suppose you're right, I guess in hindsight I'd have to be very happy that it happened outside of the normal classroom hours, but it surely felt embarrassing enough already. But your poor sister had it worse! Very surprising that this didn't affect her street cred. I guess that means she managed to keep it a secret?

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