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How were your nappies bought and stored?
Hello all,

Another question for all of you who suffered the indignity of being put back in nappies. It's in two parts:

Firstly, how were your nappies bought for you?
Did they magically just appear at home, having been bought while you were at school, as an embarrassing reminder that you were going to be wearing them for some time to come yet?
Did your mother buy them for you during the usual weekly supermarket shop (assuming you fitted into babies nappies), with you having to look at the packet(s) in the shopping trolley whilst you walked around? 
Did your mother take you on a trip to the supermarket specifically to get you your nappies, making you carry the packs around yourself? 
Did your mother take you to a particular specialist shop (chemists/mobility shop etc) where you would be bought your 'big boy' nappies if you didn't fit into babies ones? 

Secondly, where were your nappies stored at home? 
Were you allowed to keep them privately in your wardrobe, so visiting friends wouldn't see them (but there was always a slight risk of them being discovered)? 
Were there full and half opened packs on the floor in your bedroom where anyone might see them? 
Were there perhaps packs sitting on kitchen shelves where any visitor might see them and ask why, as you didn't have a baby in the family, there were nappies on the shelf? 

You get the idea. I'd love to know what your situations were, and the feelings they evoked.


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How were your nappies bought and stored? - by Terrygussett - 02-15-2020, 09:35 AM

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