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Bullied by The Hunter Rain Boot Brigade
There they were again! A group of five girls at my school that always wore a pair of hunter rain boots. The boots always varied in color and each girl either wore black leggings with them or a pair of colored pants. They always looked elegant and powerful as they moved together has a group. Every class they had together and always say in a row. A couple of the girls were nice and a couple not so much. For the most part they ignored but sometimes they paid attention to me. One of the girls named Ashley who had blonde hair and her name was Ashley. One day Ashley had caught me staring at her boots and leggings for too long. For some reason I was really attracted to their look. She decided to call me out on it “Why have you been staring at my boots? I’ve watched you do it for a minute now.” I couldn’t get any words out. “Wait till the girls find out about this.”

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Bullied by The Hunter Rain Boot Brigade - by SissyNicole117 - 01-23-2020, 04:51 PM

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