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That boy hating School Teacher
I had a gay male teacher in primary school who was in charge of the school pantomime. In my final year there (age 11) the pantomime was 'Sleeping Beauty'. He wanted me to play Prince Charming, and one day made me go for costume and make up practice. This was right in the middle of a normal lesson, and the rest of the class just carried on. The female teacher who was doing costumes asked him if he wanted the whole costume, but he said I didn't need the tunic.

I wasn't sure what the costume was, but when I got to the changing room Ms Anton made me strip to my vest and underpants, and then put on a pair of white tights. She then had me sit still while she applied the make up she said Mr Brown wanted to see. It consisted, for some reason known only to him, of bright red lipstick, eye shadow and blusher on my cheeks.

I then had to return to my classroom, in front of all my classmates, wearing just tights and my vest, with make up on. Of course they all laughed at me, and I had to stand there while he inspected my outfit.

He seemed to take ages, but eventually agreed. As I left he told me it'd be a good idea to wear white pants under my tights for the performance so that they didn't show through.

For the actual performance I had to wear those tights (with white underpants underneath) and a purple velour tunic which only just covered my bottom.

By then I was regularly punished at home by being made to dress as a girl, but having to go on stage in front of all the parents and the rest of the school in a very short tunic and tights, with lipstick and make up on, was truly mortifying.

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