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A Sitting-Fitting Chastity
You will be sitting down - - -
Yeah to do your pee business you will be sitting down and at all other times
wearing a diaper cause - - -
This new chastity device renders that little nub of a thing to a spraying apparatus
The urethal insert where it exits the cage is splayed to spray pee in all directions
Thus you will need to be seated on the potty to control the spray pattern - - -
And in your case since you lack control and can't be sitting on the pot all the time
A wide diaper will be required to soak up the spray pattern otherwise everything
in front of you is going to be soaked - - -

No more standing at the urinal you would be spraying up the walls and those standing
next to you

So how does that make you feel ?
Yes I thought so !

Now the best part is you get to wear all those flat front pants and shorts - - -
There is no need for a fly
You could even wear skirts and dresses onesies leotards since your little nub has
no maintenance requirements except at diaper change time
Any effort to bypass this will result in the diapers being locked on and a change in
the changing schedule - - - resulting in a thoroughly soaking punishment

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