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Forcing male adults to attend ABDL nurseries
A couple of years ago now I screwed up my courage and visited an adult nursery, it was one of the greatest days of my life.

It ticked nearly all the boxes of about how easily males can be controlled

The 'Nanny' undressed me, so this Women just got me to strip absolutely naked (as the day I was born) and didn't even so much as blink at the sight of my little boy bits, then She dressed me up as a little toddler Girl, once I stepped into Her home I surrendered all pretence of male control, Radial Feminist is so right when She says that inside every male is an inner Princess and once you put a male into frillies, satin and lace in front of even just one Female we give up all pretence of control and this is exactly what happened to me!

I had such a great day colouring in, baking and playing with dolls, Nanny had me twirl around and watched as my dress and petticoat spun up revealing my frilly diaper cover (which was barely covered in the first place, Blush ).

It all felt so natural and nice, in fact I was only really nervous a couple of times, 
  • When I had to ring Her doorbell
  • When I was naked in front of Her
  • Going down Her stairs in my pretty dress past Her front door (you can see the door just behind a curtain in the pictures below, I was petrified somebody would knock at the door at that point, lol)
  • When She told me Her Daughter was out but not to worry She¬†shouldn't be home until after I'd gone (SHOULDN'T!!!!!, lol)

[Image: SvLabgMl.jpg]

[Image: giF4uhc.jpg]
[Image: wddYf5sl.jpg]
[Image: gqaSrHHl.jpg]

[Image: GH0Nl6l.jpg]

On the whole the experience is one I would highly recommend, in my opinion if every male had to put on such pretty dresses in front of a Female superior then the world would be such a better place. 
If boys were made to wear such pretty prissy dresses to Frocking parties then it's really only fair that all adult males should be made to attend an adult nursery to confirm there position in the new world order  [Image: grin.png]

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Forcing male adults to attend ABDL nurseries - by Saz - 12-18-2019, 11:37 AM

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