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Female laughter
(10-19-2019, 05:32 AM)PantyPrincess Wrote: I'd like to share a confession, please.

This is probably unusual, but I get aroused by female laughter. It doesn't have to be directed at me, just the sound of women laughing is enough to make my little sissy clitty twitch!

So I've found a way to incorporate this into my sissy 'sex life' (if it can be described as such).

I've obtained some audio files of women's laughter. A single woman, two, groups of four and five, even up to a dozen. A couple are over a minute long!

So, I get dressed up in my sissy outfit. Frumpy ladies' underwear, a flowery dress, heels, lipstick, wig. To complete the look, a frilly white pinny.

Then, I set up my laptop. I call up a picture of a group of pretty, smiling women. Then, I get my favourite laughter audio file ready to play.

I arrange myself before the laptop, with my knickers around my knees, then press play. I let the beautiful sound of female laughter wash over me, imagining I'm in the ladies' presence and they're laughing at me, right in my face.
All the while I slowly rub my tiny peeny into the nice soft cotton gusset of my knickers, whilst admiring the picture of the group of ladies.

Naturally, it doesn't take long for me to climax into my knickers. When I've finished I like to let the laughter audio play on repeat, soaking up the delicious sensations of shame and disgrace, knowing that I have made a laughing stock of myself, albeit virtually!

I hope any ladies who read this get great amusement from it. Who knows? It might even give them some ideas on how they can put their own sissies even more firmly in their place!!
I expect getting aroused by female laughter is probably more common than you think. Especially when its directed at us. When I look back at these type of experiences that happened to me, I now find it arousing. While in school, I had a crush on a certain girl. I was trying to muster up the courage to approach her. One day, she was standing with a group of girls. I was standing just around the corner waiting for them to break up their discussion so I could approach her. They didn't know I was there. One of the girls was teasing her that it was obvious I had a crush on her. Her response floored me. She said, "Oh no, I could never date him. It would be like dating a girl!" They all laughed in agreement. I wilted away. Another time, I was in a department store. I was passing by a group of young women. One of them asked if I could reach a handbag that was on the top shelf. I stretched up to reach it. I had long hair at the time. Just then, a sales clerk came by and asked, "Can I help you, young lady?" The girls all laughed. When I turned around, the sales clerk put her hand over her mouth to smother her giggle. She then made it worse by trying to excuse her mistake by saying, "Well with that hair, you do look like a girl! And you were reaching for a handbag!" The girls laughed again. They were still laughing as I walked away, obviously embarrassed. For some reason, thinking back on these types of incidents, and there have been many, gets me aroused. So, I don't think its so uncommon. Bravo to you. You've obviously found a safe way to enjoy it.

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