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Male Nappy Nurse
(10-22-2019, 06:17 PM)Ali Wrote: I think I may have told this story before, but when I was twelve I had to go into hospital for a minor operation, which involved staying in for two nights.

Unfortunately for me Mummy decided just before I went in that I had earned 'nappy punishment', and so I found myself back in nappies the day before I was due to go in.

I begged and pleaded with her not to make me go into hospital in a nappy - I even offered to accept a week in nappies instead of the two days I had coming - but she was having none of it.

When we got to the hospital and checked in, we went to the ward (it was the children's ward, as I was twelve) and the nurse asked me to get changed into my pyjamas like the other kids. As I stripped off my shirt and trousers I was hoping against hope that the nurse would leave, and Mummy would somehow relent and let me take off my nappy and plastic pants, but of course that didn't happen.

My face was bright red as I took down my trousers and revealed my nappy and plastics. I could see the nurse was surprised - "Oh, my!" she said.

Mummy 'explained' that I still sometimes had accidents, and that I should be kept in nappies so as not to wet the bed. I was SO humiliated.

The nurse smiled sweetly and said she understood. She then came over to me, patted my bulky bottom, and told me not to worry, that she'd look after me.

I could have cried.

For the next two days I was kept in nappies and plastic pants. It was even more embarrassing than it would have been at home, as there were other children around, almost all of them younger than me, who were not only not wearing nappies, but knew that I was. There was no hiding them under my pyjama bottoms, and in any case sometimes the nurses sometimes didn't put my pyjama bottoms on me, so the other kids saw me in my nappy, plastics and pyjama top.

And because they'd been told I was a wetter, they didn't worry about checking if I needed to go to the toilet or not. They just let me use my nappy, and I had no choice but to do so.

Anyway, the reason I mention all this is that one of the nurses, who was actually quite kind to me and sympathised about my predicament when he changed my nappy, wore a white uniform like the one you're wearing above.

So, for old time's sake, I'd say I prefer the white one.
Although it isn’t nearly embarrassing for me now and I fo actually wear nappies (for practical reasons while hostessing long haul flights and in aid of proving my hypothesis one week a year) I am at least in control of this now and can say from experience that wearing and using nappies at an age far in advance of when you should be is a uniquely humiliating experience. This is particularly true when you find yourself at a family function when a toddler stood near you is wearing a dry nappy or (heaven forbid) actual underwear and you are stood yards away stinking the place out in a wet or dirty nappy.

And having to dirty a nappy takes some getting used to (and very difficult to be at all subtle about. I could always be reasonably subtle when it came to wetting myself but on the rare occasion I reached the point of having to soil myself, it came with a lot of straining and grunting and even at the point of desperation it was difficult to fight my own toilet training.

As a teenager to have an inferior toilet training status to that of a toddler can be difficult to digest.

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