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Hi everyone, 

I'm Tommy, and I'm hoping to find others with similar experiences as me, and who can relate. 

When I was a kid I was lucky enough to be dressed like a girl by two unrelated people, neither of whom were family. One person from 7 to 10 years old, and another from 10 (a few months after the other person) to 12 years old. Each had a different approach to it, as well as different ideas on what I should wear, though dresses and panties were common to both, thankfully. The first person nicknamed me "Princess Boy" and the second person added diapers to some of my outfits, or they were my entire outfit Wink

While my family and others feel these were negative experiences of varying degrees, I feel there was nothing wrong with it. I enjoyed it, both adults dressed me out of compassion and caring, and I was never forced. Sometimes I needed encouragement to get out of the car at the store or wherever, but thats natural, I hope. These are fond memories for me Smile

Maybe I can find others here who will see the good these experiences were for me, with an open mind. 

Thanks Smile

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