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Fila Pain
She approached me with a stern look in her eye. “We’re meeting with the lady from Fila today, so you’re going to have to be “caged in.” I knew what that meant: instead of the roomy nylon tennis panties I would normally wear on a day like this, it would be tight, fitting, constricting panties to contain my bulge. Over the panties I wore a pink nylon top and navy blue tennis skirt. “Now you behave,” she said, “or I’ll turn you over my knee and give you the spanking of a lifetime.”
And the charade almost worked, too! Instead of balling my fists, I kept my hands delicately against my skirt, and my gorgeous legs were accentuated by the short little skirt. My owner was about to close the deal with Fila, when the Fila lady said, “Our skirt looks so good against her legs,” and then lightly stroked my inner thigh a few times. That did it. Suddenly, I started bulging uncontrollably against the tight panties. She lightly brushed the front of my skirt where my hard mound was starting to protrude.  She gave my skirt a slight lift, saw my excited bulge, and the secret was out. “What’s this!” she shrieked. “You’re a boy!” But instead of being angry, she exclaimed, “He’s beautiful!” and began to stroke my manhood. She saw my suffering, and said, “Why would a boy wear a tennis skirt and panties”? Then came the inevitable, as she knew exactly what the situation called for. She marched me to a chair, turned me over her knee, and began paddling my tennis skirt and panties. I had tried to contain myself, but couldn’t, and exploded all over my panties. My owner snapped picture after picture of this humiliating scene as I wept in shame.
Instead of being a deal-breaker, they signed a long-term deal and toasted with champagne, as I tearfully rubbed my sore behind and shattered ego. As part of the deal, I would be a model for the company, and for those who could figure out my true gender, it would be a stern warning of what could happen to your man if he misbehaves!

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