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The German Klepper rubber Nanny.
(07-06-2019, 02:04 PM)cynthia sissyfrills Wrote: Dear Sissy jj,

What an amazing photo of a Klepper German rubber Nanny that is..!

i wonder how old the photo is; i doubt it is from the days of sepia prints looking at Her modern sunglasses...

i would say She is more than well dressed to care for Her wet baby boy in Her heavy rubber outfit covering Her completely from the neck down to the floor...

Before bedtime. Just imagine being sat on her rubber covered lap in your noisy and heavy red hospital rubber pants over a very tightly pinned Terry nappy, after a good hard bare bottom spanking. The very tight waist and leg elastic in your rubbers making you gasp loudly when Nanny jerked them up good and tight with a knowing chuckle. Then put into a tightly strapped leather baby harness and reins. Hands placed firmly on your head, and forced to drink from a rubber baby bottle's teat until you dribble and squirm. A huge rubber dummy then strapped into your mouth. Then made to look through many pages of the Mackintosh Society magazines under Nanny's very close supervision, with alll those dominant looking mature women clad in layers of shiny rubber mackintoshes. This for a least several hours of bedtime 'rubber discipline training'.

Daring to start some wetting, I would be in total submission.

Then stripped for bathtime, and then bedtime and your baby crib with top and bottom rubber sheets...

Klapper Martha, from Fetlife, claims to know her as Marina from Germany. Saying she is very 'severe minded'.

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