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International Women's Day
As I sat there Red-faced with my eyes downcast, Susan whispered to me ,

“Women have always been on display, enduring male stares, comments and even an occasional pinch.”  “ Don’t you just love being on display like a girl ?"

I shook my head - NO.  She just smiled saying,  “Females don’t like being gaped at either but we are & that's why most of the girls we’ve met love seeing you petticoated and under my control -  Don’t they,  Prissy?”  I responded , “Yes, Mistress.”  Giggling she added, " They love seeing that the shoe or should I heel is on the other foot.

Occasionally, she would tell me to look up and make eye contact with someone or a group that was laughing and enjoying my embarrassment.  When they left some women congratulated Susan for dressing me up and showing me off.  Others teasingly told me how they loved my cute outfit and requested a picture.  Thankfully,  Susan as always said no photos, although I was sure a number had been already taken from a distance.

The women we had met outside made it a point to say goodbye saying, " Have fun Prissy"   "Your wonderful wife has a weekend planned that we are sure you will want to forget and today is a day we will will never forget." One of them thanked Susan for giving her an idea for the upcoming NCAA tournament. She said "Her husband often seems to love sports and gambling more than her." Maybe If she plays her cards right after betting with him, he could be made to pay dearly. Susan said this is my number. you can call me if you want. I will be glad to tell you things I've had my little sissy husband do since I took control. The women then left giggling like a bunch of little girls.

Our seats were in full view of any entering new customer.  Susan enjoyed teasing me, saying that I acted like a shy teenage girl every time the door opened.   After what seemed like an eternity, we finally left with my wife behind the wheel.

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