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International Women's Day
She told them about my “Women’s Day”  faux pas and how she loves making me experience being a girl.  Susan explained that women throughout history have had to endure being submissive and on display.  This weekend my sister would be assisting her in putting their pretty little sissy on display.  Finally, I was made to curtsy and tell them my name was Prissy and admit that I wore the panties in our house.

Once inside Susan waited for the ladies room while I attracted a lot of attention waiting in line to place our order.  As usual, men basically ignored me while women snickered, laughed and even teased me.  A few people seemed offended but kept quiet or took their orders to go.  The women we met outside loved telling people about their new found sissy girlfriend and I felt like dying. By the time Susan finished, it seemed everyone had heard my story.  When she left the restroom, some girls in the room started clapping for her.  

I sheepishly whispered Susan & Prissy the Sissy when the cute barista asked me for our names.  Smiling she made me repeat them and laughing asked are you Susan ? When I said no "I'm Prissy the Sissy" she laughed and said "Prissy is a cute name and you make a perfect little sissy."  

Susan deliberately sat on the far side of the room forcing me to be on display in order to join her.  As we sat waiting a few women came over to us to talk and tease me.  Finally our orders were ready and the young girl called out our names in a loud voice bringing laughter from some patrons.  Getting our coffee required another walk of shame for me,  Like Susan, I received a round of applause as I curtsied to the barista and returned to join my delighted wife with our order.  After my mandatory curtsy to Susan, she made me change my seat so I could see and be seen by almost everyone as we drank our coffee.

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