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International Women's Day
(03-12-2019, 03:16 AM)RadicalFeminist Wrote:
(03-10-2019, 06:52 PM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: It is amazing that in 2019 a certain airline company has just announced that it's female flight attendants no longer have to ASK to be able to wear trousers but will be offered trousers automatically. Nearly a quarter of the way into the twenty first century and women are still expected to wear tight skirts and heels to serve drinks. I am sure giving CPR at twenty thousand feet in the air is easier in trousers than a short tight skirt!

International Woman's day is important as women still fight for equality.
Woman are still under represented in almost every boardroom of every major company.
There is a gender pay gap which despite a lot of talk seems no where near being narrowed.
Millions of girls are deprived of a basic education.
Women are more likely to work longer hours and get paid less than men, as well as having to do housework, cooking and look after children. In short women suffer a lot more than men and are more likely to experience poverty than men.
There is still a long, long way to go before men and women are equal and are treated as such.

For once we are on the same page 100%. The only area I disagree with is equality being the goal. I not convince this will ever work, there needs to be a dominate sex and it long over due for women to lead the world.


Mz RadFem... the direction of events and change are all leading to Your goal.   Even those whose aim is not entirely advncing Female Led Society are still contributing.  What have no momentum or hope are the declining forces of male resistance to eventual surrender and acceptance of the 'femininity' once falsely attributed to modern Female Masters.  Patience may at times be necessary however -

WOMAN's VICTORY in the Battle of the Sexes is secure.   Females shall proudly and boldly wear achievements as Their campaign medals on Their uniforms...

while future male girls shall daintily and demurely only have pretty pink satin and silk ribbons with which to adorn their girlishly coiffed and curled hair as symbol of their ladylike DEFEAT and SURRENDER.

(03-11-2019, 02:25 AM)SheWearsThePants Wrote: Once informed about our upcoming trip, she commanded me to shower and shave my legs. For the drive I had to wear my tan short shorts with a maroon sweater, matching knee socks and penny loafers. When i put the bags, she had packed, into the car I covered up with sweat pants.  As she drove Susan continually admonished me for being insensitive to women.  She promised me a Women’s Weekend of sensitivity training that would put me more in touch with my female side.

It wasn’t long before my humiliations began.  Susan pulled up outside a Starbucks saying she wanted to use the restroom.  Thankfully she allowed me to stay in the car.  Quickly returning, she complained that there was a long line for the ladies room.  Instead of driving off she told me, this was a good place for a coffee break.  With a smirk she added, but you can’t go in dressed like that.  After I removed my sweats she got a bag from the back seat and said, “Happy Women’s Weekend, Sissy”

It wasn’t long before I was following her like a puppy across the parking lot wearing heels & carrying a pocket book.  Pinned on my chest was a note that read “I Forgot Yesterday Was Women’s Day”.  

When we approached the entrance I was instructed to wait and hold the door for three women who were coming around the corner of the building.  With my eyes to the ground, I held the door and curtsied as they laughed and began to inquire about me.  Susan was in her glory as she began to respond.

Oh She Wears  ---  PLEASE... please if you might, do you recall what Susan informed the Women.  Anything She said must have been wonderfully enlightening to the women -as one supposes were THEIR RESPONSE.    SUSAN sounds amazing in knowing how to treat our increasingly defeated male sex.!

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