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International Women's Day
Once informed about our upcoming trip, she commanded me to shower and shave my legs. For the drive I had to wear my tan short shorts with a maroon sweater, matching knee socks and penny loafers. When i put the bags, she had packed, into the car I covered up with sweat pants.  As she drove Susan continually admonished me for being insensitive to women.  She promised me a Women’s Weekend of sensitivity training that would put me more in touch with my female side.

It wasn’t long before my humiliations began.  Susan pulled up outside a Starbucks saying she wanted to use the restroom.  Thankfully she allowed me to stay in the car.  Quickly returning, she complained that there was a long line for the ladies room.  Instead of driving off she told me, this was a good place for a coffee break.  With a smirk she added, but you can’t go in dressed like that.  After I removed my sweats she got a bag from the back seat and said, “Happy Women’s Weekend, Sissy”

It wasn’t long before I was following her like a puppy across the parking lot wearing heels & carrying a pocket book.  Pinned on my chest was a note that read “I Forgot Yesterday Was Women’s Day”.  

When we approached the entrance I was instructed to wait and hold the door for three women who were coming around the corner of the building.  With my eyes to the ground, I held the door and curtsied as they laughed and began to inquire about me.  Susan was in her glory as she began to respond.

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