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Welcome back class. It’s time for pedi. It’s just like what you learned in the last session on hands. Only this time it’s feet. 

No Jaroslava, we're not going to pair off this time. No. This time, you are all going to take a test. It’s a ladies' test. So while you are doing the test, Drew will give you each a pedicure. Because he’s not a lady. 

Yes, I made sure he knew how to do it during the break. While you were off gossiping, I took the time to train him thoroughly. I also gave him a perfect manicure. 

So, ladies, when it’s your turn for a pedi, he will kneel at your feet. He will show your his perfect pink manicure, and then he will ask to pedicure your feet. 

And Drew, you will remember to show each lady the proper respect. You will ask them 'please Miss, may I service your feet?'  And while you are doing this, I will ask the class their test questions. Everybody clear?

Good, then we will begin. Drew, start with Kristina, there in the front row. Good boy. Now ladies, I want you to concentrate. Don’t giggle, there. Yes, that’s it, show her your nails. Ask her permission. That’s good. 

Now. Question one. Would you like your partner to give you a mani/pedi? that’s it, just write your answers down on the form. Two, does your partner pay you sufficient attention? I mean, is he attentive to your needs?  


Question 19. Has your partner ever performed cunnilingus on you? Question 20. Did you prefer it to penetration?  Now ladies, don’t worry, the answers are confidential. I know I don’t mind anyone knowing that I found penetration a nasty, messy business. Didn’t like it at all. But after I’d trained my late husband to do it, I found cunnilingus most satisfactory. Most satisfactory. 

Now Drew, how are you getting on down there? I think it’s Alla's turn, no?  Remember, show for your nails.  Ask her permission. That’s a good boy. At her feet, serving her. That’s a good lesson for every boy to learn, isn’t it, ladies. 

Now, Jaroslava, would you bring me that pitcher of orange squash. I’m very thirsty after all this talking. Careful! Watch out! Oh no! You’ve spilt it all over Drew.  You clumsy girl. Sit down. Sit down right away!  

Oh Drew, sweetie, you are soaked. Come back into my office, and we'll get you out of those wet clothes. I’m sure I can find something for you to wear. 
Wait here ladies. Maybe you can each pair up and do your toes after all? Come on sweetie, let’s get you dressed. Carry on ladies!


Well sweetie, I think that naughty girl did that deliberately! Did you bring any spare clothes with you today? No?  Oh dear. Well, let’s see what we can find in the cupboard. Oh yes, this’ll do. Pop your wet clothes off sweetie!  Chop chop. Don’t want you getting a cold.  Here we are, here’s a nice shirt for you to wear. No sweetie, the buttons do up the other way. It’s a bit tight, but you’re such a big boy. 

Do you like the material? Yes it’s silk. And such a lovely colour on you, such a delicious pink!  You don’t like it? Well I think it suits you. Now out of those soaking jeans. Are your panties wet? What do you say, they're not panties? Boxers, panties, what’s the difference? Well you can take those off. Here’s a nice little thong you can wear instead. Uh huh, that’s much better. 

Now what have I got to cover up that pert little bottom of yours? Ah yes, a nice pair of velvet shorts. 

Here we are let me help you! Very snug. Oh yes, they are elasticated. So they fit. Oh they look lovely.  Give me a twirl, sweetie. I like that. Very snug on your bottom.  Oh yes. I could give that a little bite. The zip is at the back. Here, let me do it.

I’ll just pull them up nice and tight.  A girl has to show off her assets. Oh I know you’re not a girl. But you are amongst girls here, and I’m sure they’ll love to see your cute little bottom hanging out of pink velvet. I know I do. 

I like it very much.  But what’s this? Someone else likes it! Oh dear, it looks like your horrid male defect likes the feel of those tight shorts. Look, it’s all outlined in the velvet at the front. it's meant to be flat. Perhaps I can smooth it down for you. No, just stand still, sweetie. I’ll just press it. Oh yes. Yes. I’ll just press it and hold it for a bit. Can you feel my lovely long nails? 

That’s it sweetie. Don’t say a word. I'm just going to squeeze it. Press it. Dig my nails in. Is that better? No? Well I feel better! Well I can’t seem to flatten that horrid thing. If anything it seems to have grown! We'll just have to go back into class like that. Well if you don’t want the class to see it, you’ll have to walk in backwards. Yes of course they’ll see your ass. Well it’s your choice!  


Settle down, class.  Have you all done your pedis? Good. I’ve got to complete the test. Drew, why don’t you do my feet while I finish with the ladies. Yes. Down there, facing me. On your knees. I think it would be nice if you gave each of my toes a kiss before you begin, don’t you? Yes Victoria? Yes, Drew is wearing my clothes. I think it’s very sweet. Yes, Yaroslava, I’m sure you’d like to spank his bottom. I’m sure we all would. Now, settle down.

Question 21. Have you ever kissed a girl? Did you like it? Question 22...


Well, that’s very satisfactory, class. All questions answered, and my toes are looking very nice. What’s that, Veronica? Drew should take the test too? But I don’t have any forms for boys. Oh what a good idea. Yes. Drew, stand here in front of the class, and you can answer the questions orally. Here, let me adjust the back of your shorts. They got all bunched up. There we are, all tidy. 

Now stand there, facing the ladies. Sing out your answers, good and clear. Jaroslava, you note down his answers. Good. Question one...

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