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Males should get what they don't want
I hope this is not too controversial.
I am a recent forum joiner although a reader of the main website for years. I run an FLR and I take pleasure in being in control and ensuring my male is left in doubt that he is under my ruthless control. I do what I want with him. He is deeply devoted to and in awe of me as a result, because he is naturally submissive, despite very much disliking much of what he endures. It is a wonderfully symbiotic relationship.

So here is the nub. The title of the forums and main site include the word 'discipline'. Discipline requires something happening that the recipient of the discipline DOES NOT LIKE.

So when I see images of happy transvestites or happy male maids, clearly loving being so dressed, I am forced to wonder; Where is the discipline? If the males are getting to do what they love, how will this lead them to be submissive and obedient to women?

I adore images of males looking passive and uncomfortable, or even better, very miserable, when dressed as maids, or parodies of little girls, or parodies of babies, but these are so rare.

I do hope I have not overstepped the mark.

Mistress Scarlet

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Males should get what they don't want - by Mistress Scarlet - 02-10-2019, 09:06 AM

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