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I was super excited that Aunt Helga published my story in the December 'Dummy Digest'!

Here it is, and, as a special treat for forum readers, I've agreed with Aunt Helga that I will publish part 2 here, on Christmas Eve! So while everyone else has to wait for the January issue of PDQ for part 2, you can see it here as a special pre-Christmas present. xx

David's mother had warned him repeatedly about his behaviour, and what would happen if it didn't improve. He hadn't thought she was being serious in her threats, but she was, as he had just finally realised.

It was Christmas Eve, and they were waiting for his Aunt and cousins to arrive. David was bored, and in any case not very excited about the prospect of a Christmas with Lucy, his little sister, and Abigail and Daisy, his cousins. He could just about put up with Lucy when it was just the two of them, but when their cousins visited she always wanted to just play silly girly games with them. Frustrated, he had been aggravating his little sister all day. He'd put soap on her toothbrush, he'd hidden her favourite doll; he'd kept changing the TV channel when she was trying to watch Frozen. Each time his mother had scolded him and warned him to leave his sister alone. But the final straw was when Lucy had been drawing at the table, and he'd slid underneath and tied her shoelaces together. When she got up, of course, she fell over. It was very lucky that she fell away from the table and landed on the soft carpet, but she was still very upset, and burst into tears.

His mother ran into the room and quickly saw what had happened. "Right, David," she snapped, "I've been warning you to grow up and behave, but you wouldn't listen. Now you've made your sister cry. And you're very lucky she didn't seriously hurt herself. Well, I've had enough. I'm going to take you upstairs, I'm going to spank your bottom, and I'm going to put you to bed. And you won't be allowed to get up until the morning. So you won't see your Aunt and cousins, and I shall have to tell them you were a naughty boy and had to be sent to bed early. Upstairs with you, young man, this minute. Lucy, David is going to apologise to you after his spanking, so you should come upstairs too."

The two children followed their mother upstairs and into David's bedroom. He was sent to brush his teeth and wash his face, and then returned to his room. His mother then stripped him of his shoes and socks, then his shirt, and finally his jeans and underpants. He tried to cover himself up, embarrassed at being naked in front of his little sister, but his mother grabbed his arm and hauled his across her lap. "This," she said, "is for being so mean to your little sister all day. Lucy, would you mind going to fetch my hairbrush from my bedroom? The wooden one, please."

Lucy skipped off, glad to see her brother getting his comeuppance, and delighted to be allowed to witness it. She returned with the hairbrush and presented it to her mother. David then received twenty very sound spanks on his bare bottom. He tried to be brave, especially in front of his sister. But his mother's spanks hurt. By the fifth one his bottom was bright red. By ten it was positively burning. And by fifteen he could stand it no more and started wailing, with tears running down his cheeks. When she'd finally finished administering his spanking she stood him up and forced him to apologise to his sister for being mean to her. He just about managed a blubbed apology through his tears. Then his mother instructed "And now you are to go to bed, and I don't want to see you before morning. I haven't decided whether to still let you have your presents or not. I'll decide while you're in bed."

David meekly allowed his mother to help him into his pyjamas and tuck him into bed. He was desperately trying to find an excuse to not have to stay in bed until the morning, and said "But, Mummy, it's only four o'clock and I haven't had any supper. Can I please come down for some supper later?"

"No!" she replied. "You should have thought about that before you earned yourself your spanking and early night. Perhaps being hungry will remind you not to be so naughty in future." He desperately tried to think of something else, but all he could come up with was "What about if I need a wee-wee?" His mother hesitated. "Well, you'll just have to keep your legs crossed!" And with that she left his bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

Downstairs, with a calming cup of tea, however, she did begin to wonder about his question. She was determined to teach him a lesson and make him stay in bed until morning. But she did wonder if he'd be able to go all that time without a wee. She certainly didn't want him wetting the bed. And then she hit upon an idea. An idea that would not only solve this particular problem, but might also make him think twice about being so naughty again.

She looked at her watch – four thirty, over an hour before her sister was due to arrive. She grabbed her car keys and told Lucy she was popping out for half an hour.

When she returned she had a carrier bag containing the things she'd bought at the local chemist shop. She went straight upstairs and into David's bedroom, worried that if she hesitated she might lose the courage to go through with her plan.

"Right, David," she said. "You're right about maybe needing a wee-wee. So I've bought you these to wear. I'll have no arguing, unless you want another spanking that is."

With that she emptied the contents of her bag. It was a pack of disposable nappies for older children, and a pair of plastic pants.

The boy looked on absolutely dumbfounded. Surely she didn't expect him to wear a nappy! He wasn't a baby. He was thirteen years old! But his mother was determined. She pulled back his duvet cover and deftly pulled down his pyjama bottoms and threw them onto his chair. Leaving him naked from the waist down, she went to the pack of nappies and pulled one out, unfolding it as she walked back to him.

She grabbed his ankles and lifted them high above his head, as she had done when he was a baby. With her other hand she slipped his nappy underneath him and lowered his bottom down onto it. Expertly parting his legs, she pulled his nappy between them and taped it up securely.

David pleaded with her, "Please, Mummy! Please don't make me wear a nappy. I PROMISE I'll be good."

But she was having none of it. She gave him a threatening look which told more than words what would happen if he didn't be quiet. She fetched his plastic pants and slid them up over his legs and into place over his nappy.

"There!" she said. "All nice and snug in your nappy and plastic pants. So if you need to go wee-wee you can. Mummy will come and see you in the morning, and decide whether you need to have a nappy on tomorrow as well. And don't you dare get up before I come and tell you that you can, or you'll be getting another spanking. Now off to sleep you go, David."

She closed the door behind her, and left the poor boy to ponder his babyish fate.

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