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Started with hand-me-downs
Would never have guessed we'd get to a nature vs nurture discussion on this thread topic. Ahhhh, the wondrous internet. I would have to vote for nature being the determining factor in how an individual responds to external stimuli. As I believe JoanieB wrote, "But if it [a feminine personality] wasn't there by nature I don't think you'd feel the same way." This is a great summary of my belief that punishing a boy by putting him in girl's clothes, while an effective tool to discourage bad behavior, will not cause that boy to become a willing gurl, loving the soft pretty clothes, no matter how long the punishment period and regardless of the "love" showered on the boy by the mother.

However, if the boy has a conscious or unconscious inclination toward the feminine, this form of punishment might be just the push needed to justify the boy's dressing and development of a feminine personality. I would then venture the boy's behavior is really acting out over his frustration in not being able to adequately pursue his feminine side. In this case, the nature will merge with nurture and a happier individual will result.

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