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Living The sissy Chastity Challenge, October Update
(10-10-2018, 02:19 PM)SheWearsThePants Wrote: For years my wife in a variety of ways has punished and humiliated me in public.  I can relate to your lingerie store experience.  When we are out and about,  she sometime will punish me unexpectedly with what she calls "An Instant Sissy Submission."  She will order me to go purchase something feminine.  If questioned by a saleswoman,  I have to admit that that the purchase is for me because my wife is the boss and wears the pants in our house.  

If I am lucky, she just sends me off to make the purchase.  More often than not she will further my humiliation by adding one or more of her creative touches that she always has available in her handbag.  Like you, I have bought lingerie with painted nails.  I also have been sent off with a bow in my hair, wearing lipstick and carrying her purse.  Her orders are always obeyed because I know that my disobedience will result is a far more embarrassing punishment for me/

Hello SheWearThePants

Thanks for your comments, which are important to me, because it may spring from new ideas and because I feel some response. So I am aware that other forum members are following my progress.

Yes, I would be very happy if in my real life a dominant Mistress would instruct me on embarrassing tasks. The submissive part of being a relationship is wonderful, but it also has a price to amuse the dominant side, feel its dominance whenever it wants to.

I would very much like to live a real life with my online Mistresses, but unfortunately this is not possible, so we live our online relationship as much as possible. I will go through Maitresse Yvette-Louise challenge.

sissy caj
sissy caja

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